Dienstag, 30. August 2011


We all know Switzerland as a peacful country, famous for its landscape, high prices and especially chocolate!

But in the past the Swiss were famous for their soldiers who as foreign regiments fought in most European armies of the 18th and 19th century.

Alfred had the chance to visit several of their museums and at his facebook page he shows some photos from his trip. Ah seeing this red coats of the 19th century makes me wondering that my Garibaldians still need some more enemies for the 1860 campaign.

See here some photos of Swiss Line and Light infantry in Neapolitan pay

And who wants to create some units too, take a look here at the shop from the guys of Worean who still offer some of Aude historica's 20mm Garibaldi range. Strangly on Aude's homepage they disapperad as well as the English version of the shop.

Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Kulmbach 2011

Before it is too late for this, I want to show you some photos from the Kulmbach figure-fair one week ago. Some of the photos are from my friend Thomas Mischak who generously allowed me to show them here.

The fair was as usual a great meeting of a lot of friends and very very bad for my money-bag. My library grew by around 20 new books and as there are mostly flats and 54mm figures, just a few 20mm/1/72 ones.

You can see here just a little part of the tent in which the fair is located.

Between the stands always painted 54mm figures

 or flats...

 Meeting friends like the Schilling's
 or Kai Fuhrmann
And finally going from the tent to the contest. Who has the best single figure or best diorama on show?
Here we had a flat figure diorama of Custer's last stand. A very good paintjob. This made me wondering when Italeri will come forward with their US cavalry. And hopefully dismounted too.

Ok not the best I have ever seen in 1/72, but I thought it nice that such a diorama in "our" scale is there on display too. I can't remember right what it was, but something in Germany 1806-10

 Good to see ideas for conversions!

This was my absolut favourite. These Dog warriors are in 1/72!! Sadly they didn't won the price for the best figure. A pity....

Turkish army

For those of you interested in the Turkish army - or uniforms in general - take a look at this link . Great uniform-series on CD. Here are for example the uniform-plates for the Turkish army between 1853 and 1880. Very useful for Strelets 1877 range and my own Crimean war turks. See the horsemen in the fourth row.

Just last weeks I got the horsemen from Ingo to round up my Turkish army range. Great sculptings, Ingo is becomming better and better again. And he made me some more Mysoreans too.

Roman wagon wheels

Hi Paul,

thanks for your comment on the wheels. I had the same thought when I saw then, but afterwards Ingo sent the photos he used as a source.

Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Romans wagons

Take a look here of new master Ingo sent over today. That is very interesting to go with all the other Roman war wagons comming out these day.

The other news is, that he added a parcel with five Turkish Crimean cavalry /lancers and nine wonderful Poses of Mysorean infantry to fight my sepoys. Andy will work on Mysore cavalry and Newline will make Sikh irregular cavalry which are useful for the Mysoreans too. So one day I hope to show a diorama of Seringapatam:-))

Sonntag, 7. August 2011

Isandlwhana and Kulmbach

Last week Alfred put a few of our old Isandlwhana photos on his facebook page
Try to check his complete page as there are lot's of very good photos from his projects and the museums work he is doing.

And the next highlight is the figure-fair in Kulmbach! Maybe I will see some of you on Friday. In my eyes the best fair in Germany. Not for 1/72 figures beside having Kai Fuhrmann, Jörg Schilling and Andy Peters there.
But mostly for all the international seller bringing books, uniformplates and great other stuff.

Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Figure exhibition in Schwetzingen

I am not sure if anybody ever heard about the town of Schwetzingen, south of Heidelberg in the former Kingdom of Baden:-)). But more important before being a part of the Grand Duchy of Baden it belonged to the KURPFALZ (palatinate electorale).
Kurfürst Carl Theodor, whose summer residence was in the castle later  inherited Bavaria and moved to Munich. :-)) 
Thanks to Alfred Umhey to help me with geographical knowledge of our neighbours:-))))))

Schwetzingen is the partnertown of Fredericksburg which may be more popular to you. And as we have some guys of our hobby-group living there these were able to organise a figure fair.

As Fredericksburg is popular in Schwetzingen they asked us to show our diorama there. Of course we aggreed.
And the interesting thing is that some officials from Fredericksburg will be there too and at the moment there is a discussion to bring our diorama over the Ocean for the 150th aniversary there.

See here the official flyer for the exhibition