Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

The attack on San Sebastian 1813

That is a least the title Stefan gave his diorama:-)

This is the first time I saw the new Emhar Spanish and Portuguese on a plate.
A very nice display in my eyes.

But the main subject on this plate is the Vauban fortress. I remember seeing it for sale at Ebay. My first thought as always was "I want it". The second thought "were to I store it?". Now one of my friends has it and this is good enough for me.

Here his photos

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

The defence of La Haye Sainte

Here some photos from Franks latest work. The diorama will be on show in May in the Prussian army museum at Wesel.

Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014

Johnny Foreigner Abysinians (Ethiopeans) 1895-1935

Some years ago I bought a lot of figures from a Huw Williams, a sculpter in the UK who wanted to start with a range for the war of 1935 in Ethiopia. He started with irregular Ethiopeans of which I bought a large army and I hoped for Italian Askaris, blackshirts etc. to follow.

He had a nice list of upcomming figures. The first order went well, but when I wanted to have more figures for some friends and asking for the news the contact died away over the time.

I haven't heard or seen figures from him since then (around 2009 when I have it right in mind).
Does anybody know what happened here?

With no Italians around (Italwars has a few, but they are true 20mm) I thought to use the guys for 1896 Adua, but there they have no machine guns. So I guess I would offer a few of them in our marketplace at the Hagen shop.

But I would prefer to increase the range.

Here some photos of them I safed since then.

Some more WW2 German photos

Gerrit whose figures are in our shop as GEBO Miniatures  got some new WW2 figures into his range. Here the photos from this castings, assembled and washed by Massimo.