Samstag, 16. Dezember 2023

I have tried Kossak Miniatures 3D-prints

 In the past my goal as a collector of figures was, to get all figures ever produced in 1/72 scale. The big challenge so far was to lay my hands on old German figures from the period of 1900-1930.

Now with the 3D-technology it even became worse:-) At first I was not happy with 3D products, they broke too easy. I have made first test-buyings from Ebay or Etsy. Also my friend Michael printed some for me. 

In the meantime there is better resin available and the figures usually survive my clumsy hands:-)

Following several figure groups on facebook, I saw all the new figures from Kossak miniatures. I thought interesting subjects, but printing myself was a desaster. So I was surprised to see the seller forge city on Etsy. He is offering printed figures in cooperation with Kossak. 

I thought, I give it a try and ordered around 150 figures. They arrived with just six broken muskets which are easy to glue and of which I got the promise of replacements with my next order which will for sure be come soon. 

See here some photos of what I am working on these days. The first order I have focused on Russian troops in Potemkin uniform. I like this one, already have several sets from Leonids range at Hagen Miniatures as well as more poses that Leonid sold directly.

Here we have the first set of Russian Artillery in Potemkin uniform.

Still many Infantry and Jägers to paint

The next order will got for the 1799 Russian army:-)

Mittwoch, 22. November 2023

Conversions for AWI

 Years ago my mate Pay sent me photos of figures from his collection, which he wanted to sell. I was too late to get these figures, another hobbyfriend was more lucky. 

These figures are converted and painted by a guy, whom we call "the painting friend". I was often offered some of his great figures and have many in my collection.

First some AWI  3rd American dragoons and a train vehicle

Next some old school conversions. I can't remember, what I myself converted from the old Airfix Cuirassiers. 

And some Prussian staff figures

Samstag, 4. November 2023

New Roman infantry, 180 AD

 The latest news at Blackwatch miniatures is a set of Roman infantry around 180 AD.

They are the start of a new range for Patrick's Marcomanic war diorama

The figures are 3D-painted. We have printed them in 1/72 scale and they are on the way to our caster in Spain. 

The advantage of 3D-files is, that we can print and cast them later in different scale (for example 28mm) too. A bigger chance to cover the costs and use the profit for more masters as we usual do.

You can see the whole range of photos here

Mittwoch, 4. Oktober 2023

Figure museum Schmalkalden

 Last week I had a businesstour to Erfurt in Thuringia. Usually when being on tour, I search for museums in the area. This time, I have recognized, I am close to Schmalkalden. 

In 1546-1547 there was the Schmalkaldic War in Germany. I hoped for a opportuniy to find something interesting - and I did:-) 

There is a big museum with a collection of 54mm figures, covering the whole military history of mankind. It somehow reminded me on the house of my friend Alfred - thousands of figures in vitrines:-):-).

See here some of the photos I made

Samstag, 2. September 2023

Darek sent new photos of his latest work

 In my eyes he is becomming better and better, especially with Ancient figures. He is always glad to take orders on figure sculpting for a low price.

So if you need something special write me and I arrange the contact. 

Here now his latest works

Celtic cavalry

And infantry...

Roman slingers and my favourites - Persian camelry