Mittwoch, 31. Januar 2024

Denis sculpted some SYW figures

 For some years is working on a range for the battle of Rossbach. Maybe you know the infantry sets, some of them are available from Hagen Miniatures.

Deniz also sculpted some great cavalry figures. The Prussians of this range could be useful for my Korbitz diorama too:-)

Montag, 15. Januar 2024

The next Generation of Blackwatch miniatures - 3D painted masters - produced in metal

 We hope that with the change into 3D-mastered figures we are finally able to cover the costs of the production of figures and can produce a bigger range of figures, as well as creating more dioramas ourselves.

Here is the first set of figures, appearing in our shop within the next two weeks. 

The first set of French Garde Mobile for our Franco-Prussian war range. Personally I would say, not as lifely as figures made by Massimo, but the come in one piece and are no challenge to glue. 

We already have around 20 new sets mastered in 3D and wait for our Spanish caster to produce them. There will some complete new ranges to come very soon.