Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

More 1870 Bavarians

As Massimo is back at work sculpting, he sent me photos of some more charging Bavarians we wanted to have in addition for the running ones I already showed at the blog.

One good news is that the casting in resin worked and the figures are soon available in this material first from Germania figuren. Now the resins are going to Jörg who will cast them in metal too.

You can imagine that I am really glad it worked this way as now we are able to expand the whole range. My dream would be to have hundreds of units/poses for the Franco-Prussian war available in the end. Depends all on how popular the range will be.

Here the photo of the three command figures

And maybe some of you remember the Prussians which were available from Finescale factory.
These figures will be available too again in the near future. 

Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Some more impressions from Mainz

Here now some photos of nice conversions and little vignettes that I have seen in Mainz.
Most of them come from the Kurpfälzer Figurenfreunde who do really great little gems!

Russian Artillery on the march.

A lot of Hussite and other 15th/16th century dioramas

 We could have used these for the countercharge at Borodino....

 Some impressions

 I liked this "Flak":-))

 These Prussians here are for sell from Fredericus Rex. Great figures sculpteda after Röchling's painting "Eilmarsch nach Küstrin" I like the figures very much but the price is too high in my eyes. On the other hand for SYW enthusiast surely interesting

Here the painting

These Swiss here I thought interesting too. The 16th century is still not really covered in figures, but a diorama of Pavia 1525 would be a very colourful thing in my eyes. I have seen on in flat in Kulmbach castle. Very inspiring:-))

Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

Dr. Alfred Frankenstein did it again -Prussians for 1870

Last weekend I got the next photos from Alfred for the planned 1870 diorama.

It is really interesting to see what you can do with a simply metal-head and some putty and colour...

The HAT masters are already with the Schillings at the moment and I hope to have them in the shop within the next 2-3 weeks now. And there is another surprise to come:-)

Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

News from Schilling

and as I always say, for a diorama you need dead and dying when it has to look realistic.

Here are photos that this morning came from Ulrike and Jörg Schilling.

To buy them simply check the link to their shop on this blog and order them:-))

Adowa, Adua etc. - Italians desaster in Africa

This time I want to show something complete different from the last posts. Again my favourite subject, colonial wars.

Italy's defeat at Adowa 1896 was the greatest desaster a European nation ever suffered from "savages" in the 19th century.

Alfred visited Rome some years ago and had the chance to make photos of this diorama in one of the museums there. I hope to visit Rome and all the museums there in the near future and hope than for more photos of this diorama as these here are the only ones we got.

There is a very good book in English about the whole campaign which has seen more than this one battle.
Available from the Naval & Military press from here. So far the most detailed book I have got about this subject.

For uniform plates simply buy the Osprey or if you want to get more stuff, enjoy this selection of my own archive.

Johnny foreigner already made an Ethiopean militia for the 1935 war against Italy. I was able to get some of them, but when I ordered more it became more and more difficult and after 6 month of waiting and promisses I cancelled my order. A pity as these are nice figures.

There are several Italian colonial campaigns:

1887 - Ethiopea
1896 - Ethiopea
1900 - Boxer Rebellion
1911 - Lybia
1916 - Sanussi rebellion, up to 1930. The movie "Lion of the desert" is covering it.

1935 - Ethiopea
1940 - against the Allies, end of Italian colonial history

I am wondering if figures for Italian colonial warfare would be an interesting subject for my future production? What would you say about it? Please leave comments or write me a mail.