Dienstag, 26. Januar 2021

Medway project - the first 500 based Britons

 Rainer sent me a photo of his charging Celtic warriors. I don't have the space to base mine too now and will wait until we have a plan how to continue with Covid around. 

I think the ranks are deep enough to break a Roman army, that has just landed on the river bank. At least, this is what the Celts had in mind:-)

Freitag, 22. Januar 2021

Samurai Artillery

 For our new webshob, Massimo is creating new photos of assembled figures. This week, he sent me the photos for the Set of Samurai artillery.

Wow, now I think I will search out mine too. The Imjin war 1592 to 1600 is still a topic, I have in mind for future dioramas. At least you can distinguish the enemies from each other:-)

There are many interesting movies on the subject, as well as an Osprey campaign and Stephen Turnbulls book "Samurai invasion".

The late Leonardo sculpted many Ming Chinese troops for it too. So it is really a colourful subject. On the other hand, the Japanese besieged many of their own castles too.


Montag, 18. Januar 2021

Spanish infantry 1809

 Here we have the next set from Massimo for our growing range of the Spanish Napoleonic army in 1808-1810.

This time it is infantry in campaign dress. Typical rag clothing, worn in Spain.

Also a few heads for conversions of Spanish troops from 1810 onwards. 

The next project in this range is to expand the Catalonian light infantry from the actual four figures into a set of 12 figures. 

Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2021

The positive side of a forced Corona homeoffice - more figures

 a strange start for a post -  but it is the truth. Sitting at home the whole day, working from home, not meeting friends etc. etc. has the positive effect, that I paint more than usual.

Last week was the "Italian" week. I have so many Austrians lying around and already have a big Austrian army from our old Aspern project. 

Adding to this my love for exotic units. So the first set I took on was our own Blackwatch Austrian infantry of the French Revolution. At Pinterest I found many paintings from Rava, the campaign against the Venetian Republic 1797.

Can anybody tell me the book or magazine, in which I can read the article about it?

The Infantry Ultamar is another teasing subject:-) Here my Venetians.

The next subject are Piemontese infantrymen for the campaign of 1815 in South-Eastern France. 
Most of the German (better Austrian) books speak only about Austrian troops, fighting Marschall Suchet. But this is wrong, the whole Piemontese army (ok, not very big this time) fought there too.

Here just a small article from Napoleon-Series 

The uniform of the Piemontese is simply another blue Austrian uniform. See here from left to right Regiment Saluzzo, Monferrato and Regina. Just two sprues from the latest HAT set, more will follow

The next try would be to convert HATs British Peninsular heavy cavalry into Carabinieri:-)

Dienstag, 5. Januar 2021

French Revolution light infantry

 We already had this set with Hagen-Miniatures. Now Massimo worked over them and added some new poses. We will then offer the figures at Blackwatch in our usual size of 12 figure sets. 

I think these guys could be used for some other exotic units too. And I love the obscure ones:-)

                                                            Legion Allobroges

                                            Cisalpine Republic light infantry

And of course as French light infantry