Samstag, 20. Mai 2023

Hithite Chariots

 I always wanted to work on an early ancient diorama. Siege of Lachish is one idea, but I need hundreds more Assyrians. The other one is the battle of Kadesh.

With the Caeser Hithite chariots I had the problem that this plastic bents too much. My first thought was to cast them in metal. Why I was discussing (ok, drinking beers) with Andy and Jan, the latter simply started drawing on the PC and after 2-3 beers he showed me the result with the comment "Why not Lasertec?"

Hagen miniatures already started producing stuff made with this machine. I am impressed by all this ideas.

So the files already made, I told Jan I would take a whole plate, which in the end are around 50-60 chariots. 

It takes Acryl colors without problem, very easy to paint. The only problem are the axles, they break too easily and I will reinforce them with metal pins. 

Now my Atlantic and Caesar Egyptian Chariot force will have a challenge to deal with:-)