Montag, 27. Juni 2022

Bavarian mounted Grenadiers WSS

 Now as I have finished the Roman project, I am looking for new ideas. the next project is Korbitz, about which I have already posted some photos.

Another smaller project I have in mind in the battle of the Schellenberg 1704 as a prelude to the battle of Blenheim. 

I hope for Strelets and their Bavarian infantry. In their meantime, I have painted Les Higgins metals and thought about simply converting some other figures into Bavarians.

A special unit, I wasn't able to convert are the mounted Grenadiers. Here I have asked Darek to sculpt me some. 

This is the result

I got more than these guys, but have no photos of the masters so far. In the meantime, they came back from my caster Enrique and I wanted to paint a skirmish line of dismounted Grenadiers together with horseholders and some mounted in Reserve.

So far, I am not sure, if I should put them in our shop. Next time I will show the painted ones. 

Sonntag, 12. Juni 2022

My last visit to Alfred and some figures from his collection

 Usually when I visit Alfred, my pedometer tells me, I don't have moved much:-) No wonder, I usually sit and copy uniformplates from his archive into mine and vize-versa. 

This time, I had some steps more, as I explored the collection and found some interesting new stuff, which gave me new ideas.

First of all 20mm flats and half round (like Esci plastics) metals from the period of 1880 to 1930. 

I think they are useful for the backround in dioramas and the half round figures can mixed with plastics. This figures are more difficult to get, I hope for Kulmbach in August. Many exotic units are available from this ranges. See here for example Turks and Greeks around 1897

Chinese 1880-1900

Beluchis or something like this

The next was a small shelf with armies of India in the 18th and 19th century. This is as you know one of my favourite subjects. The figures are 25 or 28mm figures. But why not produce them in 1/72 and increase my range of Wellington in India. That reminds me on my wishlist for Massimo, where is still and Indian prince on an Elephant.

And of course more british infantry in India in addition to the already existing set

Beside this there are some new additions to the 1:72 collection. A nice conversion idea, something useful to do with the Italeri figures.

Or with the thousands of Airfix French artillery lying around:-) 

My Mamelukes need a drummer too

Puh, old Minifigs?

The good old times, when the Airfix Grenadiers gave the only possibility of conversions into Austrians. On a diorama you won't see the difference

Washingtons army also was very useful for many 18th century armies

And finally one of "Frankensteins" interesting ideas. British infantry into austrians at Solferino.
And not only them, see also Airfix Japanese!