Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

Our Fredericksburg Diorama is now on the battlefield!!!

After a year and an exhibition in Schwetzingen (partnertown of Fredericksburg in Germany) our diorama wandered to the USA. It is now located at the local museum on Marye's Heights.

So for all of you living in the USA or going over for a trip at the 150th aniversary of the battle you have now the chance to see our diorama life.

The diorama was brought over through Alfred Umhey and Volker Ziegler who also buildt it up there. Sadly we had not the financial backround to go over as a team. So thanks to Volker and Alfred for doing the work for us!!

Alfred already put a photostream of the project at his Facebook account.

See here a few photos I got from him

Most of the figures of the Union side and the Confederate Artillery were sculpted by Andy Peters and are available on his shop. So far just the artillery is in the shop, but if you like the infantry in greatcoat too, just sent him a mail.

My friend Krisztian from Hungary also offered to paint a set of them and sent the photos back so that you can see in detail what Andy made especially for this project.

And yes I know - the greatcoat of an officer was more dark blue...

So this is the first of our dioramas being on a permanent display. More will follow soon I hope:-)

Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012

And Ingo sent photos of the new Bengal Cavalry masters

Which I think are very nice too. The next set for Wellington in India.

On the right is an officer for the Bengal lancers. But this figure is not complete and the moment and Ingo will have to add some details and making the boots longer.

Massimo completed the first Rocroi figures

Sometimes I am wondering how people are able to do this kind of sculpting....

See here what Massimo did for the diorama (and for Germania figures who will sell the set next spring).

Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2012

Krisztian painted the HAT 1870 Frenchmen

When I got the figures back from the caster I was so exited I put a photo of the metals late in the night on my blog.
Here now the official photos which I will put in the shop this weekend. Krisztian painted them for me and I think they are really looking good.
As for their enemies, 18 poses of Bavarians done by Massimo are already with Jörg Schilling who will do the casting of them.
So in case you need a late Christmas gift to reinforce someones Crimean range, 1859 Italy or simply as I do to start with a 1870 Franco-Prussian war project, help me to cover the costs of them:-))

Krisztian is not just a great painter, he - in my mind - makes the best photographies of figures too!
Many thanks mate for helping me out here!