Donnerstag, 29. März 2018

Two new sets for the French in Egypt

Frank sent me new photos last week of the rapidly growing range of Napoleons campaign in Egypt

This time some officers. Here his text in German and English

Hier zwei neue Sets zur Armée d'Orient.
Es sind keine klassischen Kommandosets, eher eine Auswahl von Offizieren mit verschiedenen Varianten der Ausstattung.

Das Erste Dreierset mit Offizieren mit dem Säbel / Degen an der Schulter.
Der erste mit Federstutz am Hut, trägt einen erbeuteten Mamelukensäbel, eine Bewaffnung die im Orient nicht selten anzutreffen war.
Der Offizier in der Mitte, auch mit Federsutz, trägt einen umgeschnallten Säbel, wie er wohl eher bei der Infanterie Legére oder Grenadieren üblich war, und eine Mantelrolle en sautoir.
Der Offizier rechts hat am Hut ein Pompon und trägt ein Epé, einen Degen, wie er bei den Füsilieren üblich war.
Beim Zweiten Dreierset habe ich die Waffe in der Scheide gelassen.
Der Offizier links von den Füsilieren erkennbar am Pompon und dem Epé.
Der mittlere ein Offizier der Legéres oder Grenadiere mit Federstutz am Hut und mit Säbel am Bandolier.
Und rechts ein adjudant sous officier, als Unteroffizier trägt er kein Gorget, aber wie die Offiziere Epauletten und einen Federstutz, passend zum mittleren Offizier. Er hat den Säbel am Bandolier, ohne Portépe, einen Stock und eine Mantelrolle en sautoir.

Here are two new sets for the Armée d'Orient.
It is not a classic command set, rather a selection of officers with different variants of the equipment.

The first set includes three officers with the saber / sword on the shoulder.
The first officer, with a plume on the bicorne, wears a captured Mamelouc saber, an armament that was not uncommon in the Orient.
The officer in the center, also with plume, wearing a saber with the belt, which was more usual to the infantry legére or grenadiers, and a coat roll en sautoir.
The officer on the right has a pompom on his bicorne and wears an epé, a sword, as was customary with the fusiliers.

In the second set has three officers with their the weapon in the scabbard.
The officer on the left belongs to the fusiliers recognizable by the pompon and the epé.
The middle one is an officer of the legéres or grenadiers with plume on the bicorne and with saber at the bandolier.
And on the right an adjudant sous officier. As a sergeant he carries no gorget, but like the officers he has epaulets and a plume. He is fitting to the middle officer. He wears the saber with the bandolier, but without portépe, a stick and a coat roll en sautoir.

Dienstag, 27. März 2018

Some more Mings between

Thomas with his never-ending range of Ming China sent me the next photos.

This time we have Ming Generals on horse.

At least the first riders, maybe some cavalry will follow up:-)

Sonntag, 25. März 2018

And more French Dragoons

Since years Pieter and I have a nice tradition - we pay for each others masters from our wishlist.

On 12th March is was my turn. Marc helped me and together we asked Massimo to sculpt us some more French dragoons for Pieter's armies.

He wanted to have troopers in resting or advancing position with swords fixed to the shoulder.
So we took one of his files which he usually prepares and let do Massimo the rest:-)
Here the result:

Three for the center companies, three for the Elite. The latter could be used for Grenadiers a Cheval too if you paint yourself the cords. And the idea goes further with a bicorne to have Gendarmes or a smaller one to make them line cavalry for the revolution.

As horses we will use the already existing ones from Bavarian Dragoons and the French dragoon patrol set.

The figures will be available very soon.

On the 19th April is my birthday. I am wondering (no, I don't not) what Pieter will bring forward:-)

Samstag, 24. März 2018

More from Fürstenfeldbruck - maybe Plancenoit?

I haven't asked the guy who put this and another one on display. But I thought it has to be Plancenoit as we have French Guards defending a village against the Prussians.

All the figures on this diorama were Art-Miniaturen. It was really nice to find something on a fair dedicated to modelling.

Donnerstag, 22. März 2018

German artillery WW1

My hobbyfriend Martin Makalca sent me photos of the Strelets WW1 German artillery he painted.
I thought you would also like to see his work.

So enjoy the photos:-)

Mittwoch, 21. März 2018

The fusiliers of the 85eme Demi-Brigade in Egypt

Frank surprises me with masters after masters for the Egyptian range. Faster than I can make the posts:-)

Here now the fusiliers in marching position.

And of course these are not the only ones, he also sent photos of the commandset to the marching figures we already have in the shop.

As Andy alone can not bear the costs for the masters I offered to pay for a set of a firing line. Puh, these too are going forward in a lighting speed:-)