Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

Not that you think Wellington in India is out of focus now:-))

Here are the latest figures Ingo made for me, This time Bengal light cavalry. The next will be the 19th dragoons for Assayee and afterwards we go for the artillery.
In the meantime I have nearly 100 different figures for this period ready. Another idea would be to make an Indian prince on an elephant as commander of their armies. This would be something for Massimo, eh?

Dienstag, 27. November 2012

Rocroi - General de Fontaine

The Spanish infantry general de Fontaine was carried in a Sedan chair at the battle (he was not the youngest).
Sadly the General was killed at the battle and the French took the chair which is now on display in the
Les invalides museum in Paris.
See here Massimos conversions of the command group. And these figures are not just to show around
Michael Cremerius from Germania will produce them and they will be available, hopefully next spring. I could imagine that some collectors would be interested to have this Gem in their collection.

Montag, 26. November 2012

Rocroi not just here

Ralph made a nice post about our next projects battle. Take a look at this link from Ralph's great homepage which covers a lot of similar wars and battles.

Sonntag, 25. November 2012

Our diorama for 2013 - Rocroi 1643

Now it is out. For the next year we (Schmitty, Alfred, Roland, Michael and me) are working on a diorama for the battle of Rocroi 1643.

This was a battle fought between the French and Spanish on the (today) French-Belgian border. Maybe you know the battle already from the movie Alatriste?

What we want to show is the attack of the French cavalry around the Spanish flank and the last stand of the Spanish tercio which was covering the retreat. Should look like this

In the past Alfred and Roland Umhey made exhibitions in the local museum of Rocroi itself. See here some photos of dioramas and other stuff from the museum as inspiration

Well, this is just the first post for the battle and the upcomming project. I fear over the next year up to September you will have to bear to see much more stuff about the 30YW here:-)))

Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

Toy soldier museum in Oberammergau

Maybe some of you heard about the small town of Oberammergau because of the Passions-Spiele they celebrate there.

But Oberammergau has beside them and a monastry (which brew interesting beers:-)) a museum of old toys. In the 19th century the town was the center of wooden toy manufactories.

Accidently I stumpled over a flyer in which they described what they had in the town museum and afterwards I jumped into my car and drove to the town (just 30 minutes away from my home).

This here is the most impressing diorama in their collection. It is the attack of the French against the Austrian border village of Scharnitz (again just 40 minutes away from my home). It is in scale 1/32, everything made from wood and the figures are movable. The diorama was a gift to the Bavarian prince Ludwig. As he was no friend of the French, you can imagine he doesn't really liked to play with it.

When reading in books about the campaign of 1805 and 1809 I always wondered what the difficulty for the French and Bavarian was to charge this position as today it looks like this:

After seeing the diorama I understood....

Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Stephan Mayer sent me some great SYW photos

With all the existing and already comming ranges of SYW figures (Germania figures Austrians and New line design British) I thought it is time to post some photos Stephan sent me some weeks ago.

This is a fictional battle in the SYW. Usually not my cup of tea, but I like most of the paintjobs and so decided to show them around.

He used some Great Northern war figures too as the units he needed weren't available for the SYW.
Maybe we can change this in the future with the upcomming range of Germania figures.
Austrian Grenadiers are available in resin soon and will then come in metal afterwards. The next idea would be Grenzers. And this is for sure not the end:-))