Montag, 30. März 2015

Frank's La Haye Saint diorama at the Tactica 2015

Frank sent me photos over, again his La Haye Sainte diorama and the battle around it.

This time the photos were made by Tankred of  "Spieltrieb Frankfurt".  He has a good camera:-)

Freitag, 27. März 2015

Seapeoples invasion of Egypt

With all the sets available on the market for this subject I thought about having a diorama for this period too. My personal problem is the Egyptians advantage of 30 to 1 in my own collection. So I need to start painting more invaders and Lybians for this diorama.

Another problem I faced are missing ships for both sides and the wagons for the Invaders.

While searching the web I stumpled over this nice little wargame some hobbyfriends from Australia made.

Made by Glen Verburgt, a friend of my mate Donald. Together they arranged this impressive game.

Some more photos of details. Typical wargames have the Hittites comming to the invaders help and using Egyptians from different periods:-)

Does anybody know from where I can get ships in 1/72 for this period? In a museum I found this one, nearly the right size

Nice is also this painting of an Egyptian unit in formation. At least the Lybians this time were on the other side.

So a diorama for this period would for sure be an interesting subject in my eyes. I will start glueing my units on the stands this weekend:-)

Samstag, 21. März 2015

Figures for Waterloo

Schmitty sent me a few photos over. It seems sooner or later we have to make Waterloo too. But maybe I can use such troops for 1813/14 Peninsular too.

Mittwoch, 18. März 2015

New 28mm SYW Russian infantry from Ingo

My friend Ingo who worked with us on several dioramas in the past and who started sculpting figures some years ago had a new set done which is available from Schilling Figuren.

Great figures in my mind of a forgotten army of the Seven Years War. Russians in Summer uniform worn bei the Observation corps.

In my eyes the wrong scale, but I know our English friends will like them. And I hope that Ingo will find the way back to the only true range 1/72 :-)

Sonntag, 15. März 2015

Our Poitier diorama goes forward fast

In the meantime we have already 3000 painted figures for our anual diorama.

Now Dr. Alfred Frankenstein sent the next photos of his conversion ideas while Roland is busy painting.

Massimo also gives us the support we need and makes conversions for advancing figures as the plastic sets are as usual just fighting poses of which we need not as much.

Let's start with the first boxes of loose figures

Then take your knive, a soldering iron or simply pins and glue

 Here you see Alfred "destroying" plastic figures :-)

 melting the parts together with a soldering iron

And here the result!

Then Roland has to take over

And do you like the end result? :-)

If you want to join our group simply send me a mail. At least 10.000 figures should stand on the plate in September!