Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

New figures for 1680-1697

Because I knew John's favourite period I talked with Ingo to make some figures for the last year of the 17th century. See here the results of the first four masters. They show generetic infantry for several wars like the war in Ireland (Boyne), the nine-years-war, maybe Tangier 1685 and a lot of French campaigns as well as the Turkish wars.

If you are interested to share the costs and buy some from this range simply send me a mail and we can arrange things. the more I sell of this figures, the more different poses we will get.
And I hope to have better photos soon...

War of the Spanish succession in 1/72

Last week my two friends John an Iain from the UK had an epic wargame, let's say the battle of Blenheim. What I liked to hear was that the Bavarians won:-)))

'See here some photos from John's armies. All of them metals in 1/72, mostly 20mm Les Higgins, old Minifigs S-range and Warrior 1690 figures. Maybe a few others in between, but no plastics.

John bought the moulds of the Les Higgins figures and is selling them now for cheap money. If anybody is interested in getting some, send him a mail at

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Turkish camp near Vienna

Checking my statistics I found out that the most popular post (well, most visitors) was the diorama of the siege of Vienna 1683. Because of this here are some photos from another diorama at the museum at Katzelsdorf. Here you see the Polish cavalry charging a Turkish camp.

Would be interesting to create such one in 1/72 too:-)))

Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Bengal irregular cavalry

You know my fondness of the Sikh war. Last year I sent Massimo a photo as a challenge, telling him that I would like to see this figure here in 1/72

Sean from newline is working on Indian and Sikh cavalry too, but I wasn't sure if he would do irregular Bengal cavalry too. So I thought about Massimo.

This morning I got a mail labelled "surprise".
Massimo, you are my hero!!

Maybe I should ask him now for some rank and files too?:-))) It is really good to have talented friends in this hobby!

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011

Roman warwagons

Tonight I got a mail from Detlef Peters. See here the first castings for the wagons we need for the Pyrrhus diorama. Imagine 50 of them fighting the elephants:-))))

Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Pyrrhus - an international project

Maybe some of you know the hungarian wargame homepage ?

Krisztián Takács, Gabor, Zsolt and some other guys from the group visited us in the past and worked with us on the Hastings diorama some years ago. I also had the chance to visit them in Budapest, seeing their collection and was able to join the Lake Peipus diorama. Photos of both of these dioramas are already on the blog.

Also through the connections of Zsolt I was able to visit the Hungarian army museum and see some stuff the average visitor doesn't see. This museum helped me much to increase my uniform archive with hundreds of new Hungarian stuff photos. So why not a 1849 diorama in the future?

Ok, comming back to Pyrrhus. When I told Krisztian that we work on Pyrrhus he told me that they have some figures which would be useful for us. And he sent me some photos of their latest project.


Freitag, 6. Mai 2011

March to Fort Sumter

and because it is fun, here the next project from Massimo.

I like this early period of the American Civil war!

And talking about the ACW, I promise to show some stuff from our own group very soon as it is time to produce "my" stuff too. The biggest diorama we ever made!

Massimo sells his dioramas

Hi guys,

for those of you who are interested in buying these little gems, Massimo sent me a mail that he wants to sell them.

Ok, I have two children to feed and can't afford them, but maybe you want contact him under   and make things clear.

Here is what he has and what he wants:

Three cheers for Lousiana - Bull Run - äh sorry, 1st Mannassas of course:-)) I had it in my hands last week and was very impressed!

1000 Euro!

8th Hussars in the Crimea - 650 Euro

Gallipoli - 700 Euro

 Irish fusiliers in the Boer-war - 300 Euro

Japanese ambush 1904 - 250 Euro