Dienstag, 28. April 2020

1813 - my very first diorama

After all the masters, I thought it is time for some diorama photos. I found these photos from my very first 1813 project. I created this plate around 1995.

It is nostalgic for me, to see the beginnings of my collection. Maybe you can share my feelings.

French and some allies fighting the beginning of my Prussian armies.

The next diorama will be a more professional one:-)

Donnerstag, 23. April 2020

Mars la Tour

After the Prussian Cuirassiers, now Massimo sent the photos of the Ulans.

I want to thank especially Pieter and Massimo, who organized this great set for me!!

 Now let's break the French lines, but take care of their cavalry behind!!

Sonntag, 19. April 2020

Let's continue with the Russo-Polish war

at least, when everybody has to stay at home, the sculptors have more time. Now Leonid sent the next photos for his Polish army.

And here some plates. They will be a good reinforcement for my armies:-)

Mittwoch, 15. April 2020

The Russo-Polish war of 1794

Do you know the Panorama painting of this battle?

I have the luck to have a collection of prints which put one on another show the whole diorama. The war of 1794 is very interesting. We have the Russian army in Potemkin uniforms, which are my favourite uniform of this period.

There is also this video on youtube.

The Polish uniforms are another subject. Beside the Osprey there are several books from Jan Czop, covering the Polish uniforms of the 18th century up to 1830.

I very much like his books.

But now comming to the most important subject - figures!

Leonid already made some great figures, some of which we have in our shop. Here a nice photo of his Russian infantry .

And now he sent me photos of his new Polish masters which are available soon.

Maybe next some Polish and Russian light infantry, Polish cavalry and Russian Cossacks? Ok, as usual my wishlist grows with every figure I see:-)