Sonntag, 30. Juni 2019

Our next Project - battle of the Medway River 43AD

Last week I read Simon Scarrow's "The eagles conquest" - Especially the chapters at the beginning, which describe the battle. As I wrote before, we wanted to create the diorama like it is described in the novel.

Very difficult to read from it how the defence work of the Britons looked like. And the landscape sounds very hilly.

Does anybody know some drawings of the battlefield?

We already have over 5000 painted figures for the project painted. But when I read the novel, we need all of the three legions in action (ok, from the 14th Legion just the heads that pop out of the water:-))

Here I show you photos of figures, converted and painted by Markus. Enjoy them!

Samstag, 15. Juni 2019

11th century cavalry (I would call them Normans) from Darek

Darek sent me photos of his latest work, 11th century cavalry. They could go as Polish cavalry or Ottonians. I see Normans here as reinforcements for my armies.

Freitag, 7. Juni 2019

Austrian Grenadiers 1848/1849

In our fast growing Risorgimento-Range Ingo sent the masters of the next set. This time Grenadiers of the German line regiments.

Now we have covered nearly every Austrian infantry unit. The next set will be Austrian Ulans.

And it is time for more enemies!

Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2019

Roman cavalry 1st Century AD

Our hobbyfriend Darek heared from our next diorama project, the battle of the Thames River 43AD.

So he sculpted some Roman cavalrymen for this project. My problem is, we would need three mold for this unit - and molds are expensive...

I am not sure, if these figures would be something we can try to sell in the shop to cover these costs. What do you think about them?

Sonntag, 2. Juni 2019

FIW Raid

Yesterday night, while zapping through the TV, I found the Last of the Mohicans. Always good to see.  That reminded me, that I still have a lot of photos from Thomsonfeld's dioramas of which I want to show you one here.

And the "Making of"