Mittwoch, 18. August 2021

The first unit for Korbitz

 In the meantime I've painted several hundred figures for the project. Many of them I stored away until I know, how to put them on bases. It is different with the Austrian regiment Gyulai, wich will be formed in line to fire on the Prussian infantry, who already destroyed the batallion of Marshall on the Austrian side. 

We need two batallions of four companies each. Here is my first one.

I need to paint a captain and two drummers. The problem is, there is no standing drummer on the market. Seems, I have to ask Massimo:-) I already wanted to create our own range of SYW figures, starting with all the missing units, I need for the diorama.

Still 450 to paint - a little bit boring...

Montag, 16. August 2021

A fort in the American Revolution

 Over five years ago, I made a post about a fort on the western front in the ACW.

Now while searching for photos for a new pose, I found these photos from the same seller, who made another one for the 18th century. Interesting to see, how he used model-train stuff and Zvezda's Russian fort to create this.

Montag, 9. August 2021

The old nostalgic times

 When I scanned some uniformplates last week, I stumpled over some copies I made from Kai Fuhrmann's old figure catalogues.

These were the first steps of metal figures from German manufactors around 1995. Not as professional as in the UK, but it was a start:-) 

Sadly all these figures are no more available and hard to find second hand.

Sonntag, 1. August 2021

Selling Wargaming- and history magazines

 The problem of every collector is, that he needs space. In the past, I had my own hobbyroom, which was full with figures, books etc. etc.

13 years ago, I became a father the first time and since then, things have changed. In the meantime both children have their own (big) room and she who must be obeyed banished me under the roof. 

Since years I am digitalising my collection. safing space for the figures. Now it is the turn of the magazines. I still prefer to have a book or magazine in my hands, before I take the ebook-reader. On the other hand, many magazines I have read just one time and now they are consuming simply too much space. 

So I decided to sell my collection. If anyone is interested, send me a mail at BLACKWATCHMINIATURES@T-ONLINE.DE and maybe we can help each other - I get the space, you get magazines:-) 

History and Wargaming magazines from the 80ies until now. 

Here just a photo, how it looks these days