Sonntag, 1. August 2021

Selling Wargaming- and history magazines

 The problem of every collector is, that he needs space. In the past, I had my own hobbyroom, which was full with figures, books etc. etc.

13 years ago, I became a father the first time and since then, things have changed. In the meantime both children have their own (big) room and she who must be obeyed banished me under the roof. 

Since years I am digitalising my collection. safing space for the figures. Now it is the turn of the magazines. I still prefer to have a book or magazine in my hands, before I take the ebook-reader. On the other hand, many magazines I have read just one time and now they are consuming simply too much space. 

So I decided to sell my collection. If anyone is interested, send me a mail at BLACKWATCHMINIATURES@T-ONLINE.DE and maybe we can help each other - I get the space, you get magazines:-) 

History and Wargaming magazines from the 80ies until now. 

Here just a photo, how it looks these days

3 Kommentare:

  1. Selling them isn't easy. Even on eBay they never seem to move. Mine now go to the tip.

  2. Give it a go - I shifted all mine. Not for any great money but even a few tens of pence a copy soon adds up when you have hundreds of magazine in binders.

  3. Most impressive - if only I had the space..!

    I am looking for Miniature Wargames Issue 35 ( April 1986 ) - anyone got a spare they are willing to sell?