Montag, 29. September 2014

A special Bonus figure from Hagen-Miniatures - Waterloo 1815

Our friend Pieter who is the man behind our label of G-B-Miniaturen had the idea to offer a special figure for customers who spend a certain ammount of money in our shop.

As Pieter has a lot of plans for ranges of Napoleonic figures for Waterloo, Talavera and the Russian-campaign (the next set for him will be Belgian infantry 1815) this special figure has of course to be a Napoleonic one.

So now here take a look at this scene. This figure is not officially for sale but every customer who order figures worth 75 Euro or more will get this set for free.

I liked the idea, what do you think about it?

Beside this, the subject is a must for every Waterloo-collector.
BTW, we already have the conversions of our Belgian Carabiniers into Dutch ones moulded - and not just the head, there will be new poses of the riders. So it will be easy to spend some money for Waterloo soon:-)

Sonntag, 28. September 2014

Cuddalore Part 2 - Hanoverians ./. La Marck and Austrasie

After the British turned the allied flank their artillery shoot down from the hill on the French right along their trenches.

Then the 14th and 15th Hanoverians, supported by the 101st foot made a frontal charge on the French center redoubt. They reached the redoubt, but were pushed out again by the French.

Here the photos of the redoubt

The French regiments Austrasie and La Marck made a counter-charge and pushed the Hanoverians back nearly up to their original positions.

Behind their retreating comrades a British line of support is formed

 Here some staff figures. As a guard some of the Nabobs cavalry.

 Here the birds-view of this part of the battlefield

Mittwoch, 24. September 2014

Cuddalore - 1st Madras Europeans ./. Mysore

The battle started with an attack of the Madras Europeans on the British left flank who stormed the trenches of the Mysorean army.

On the diorama we showed how the Madras pushed the Mysoreans far away from their positions to open a gap through which the Grenadiers and Highlanders could march and attack the open French flank.

Two of the redoubts the British took

Here in the front corner the fighting went on. See behind them the taken redoubts.

 The Mysoreans tried to make a last stand, attacking the British again.

The cavalry supported their comrades. All figures from Fritz-Figures:-)

I hope you enjoy the photos.