Sonntag, 25. Februar 2018

A French camp

After Andy produced all the different tents in 1/72 he had the idea that a Napoleonic camp would be a nice idea. Well, I with my usual bloody battles was not much impressed, but I know there are much more peaceful collectors around:-)

So here the masters Leonardo (Phersu) sculpted for him.

Dienstag, 20. Februar 2018

A French Cuirassier charge

These photos I found on a French blog.  Many thanks to Paul who gave me the link!

Freitag, 16. Februar 2018

Time for new Napoleonics - Borodino

Six years ago we worked on the charge of the Saxon cavalry at borodino. Photos from the diorama you can see here.

Now a collectors friend asked us to produce the Saxon Garde Du Corps to have a proper partner for the Zvzda Zastrow Cuirassiers. At the diorama we used the old Strelets and converted Zastrows or 1806 Italeri Prussians.

But now Massimo sculpted a complete new set of them. Looks like we have to make a revival of this diorama in 2022:-)

These here will be available in the shop very soon

Dienstag, 13. Februar 2018

And more Pikemen from Frank

Frank sent again photos of new Pikemen for his Murten-Range. Here his text in German an English:

Burgundische Pikeniere der Ordonanzkompanien
Jede burgundische Lanze – die kleinste Administrative Einheit im burgundischen Heer, bestand aus dem Ritter mit Page, dem Coutiller, dann drei berittenen Bogenschützen und einem Armbrustschützen, einem Büchsenschützen und schließlich dem Pikenier.
Nach Ordonnanzstatuten war auch die Bekleidung der Soldaten mit einem Livrée vorgesehen. In der Ordonnanz von Abbeville von 1471 wird das Livrée als blau-weiß, mit einem roten Andeaskreuz beschrieben. Je nach seinen Möglichkeiten sorgte der Ritter für dieses Livrée, so konnte es mal mehr mal weniger aufwendig gestaltet sein.
Die Pikeniere tragen hier mal kurzärmelige, mal ärmellose Livréewesten über ihrem Panzer, fast alle tragen Armzeug oder Ärmelketten und Henzen. Die Helme sind vielfältig, Eisenhüte und Schaller, mal mit mal ohne Visier.
Die Hände wurden offen modelliert, für Spiesse oder Hellebarden.

Burgundian Pikemen of the Ordinance Companies of Charles the Bold
Each Burgundian lance - the smallest administrative unit in the Burgundian army, consisting of a Knight with page, the Coutiller, then three mounted archers and a crossbowman, a gunner and finally the pikeman.
According to ordinance statutes, the clothing of the soldiers was provided with a livery. In the
 Ordinance of Abbeville of 1471 the livery is described as blue-white, with a red St. Anrew's cross. Depending on the wealth, the knight provided for this livery, so it could sometimes be more or less spendid.
The pikemen wearingh short-sleeved or sleeveless livery vests, over their armor, almost all wear vambraces or jack chains and gautlets. The helmets have some variety, war hats and salets, some with, some without visor.
The hands were modeled open, for pikes or halberds.

Samstag, 10. Februar 2018

The final photos of the 1870 Franco-Prussian war diorama

In the meantime Alfred and Roland have finished their diorama of the Prussian charge against a French bataillon in the Franco-Prussian war.

You can watch the photos on this Facebook-link or simply watch them here. They are too good to show just a few of them here.

If you have a Facebook account check Alfreds other postings, simply great stuff.

Here the historical source - the charge

And the ambulance in the backround

And here now the making of. After 20 years I am used to the guys way of converting everything into the unit they need. For example take a closer look at the Sikh war infantry here on the blog to see what they converted into Sikhs.

And take a look here which figures became Prussian infantry. Simply add a Pickelhaube and make the blanket. The rest is a paintjob. From half a meter distance, you don't see the details within the diorama. But it is fun to check which figures were the source of the conversion.

Step one - heads

Step two - sculpting and converting

The rest is "Simply" a paintjob

Roland at work

Ok, the French were much more easier, but even here we have FFL, WW1 French, and "true" 1870ies.

Well, this diorama is another boost for me to go forward with my own armies for this war. And for sure in 2018 I will try to let Massimo sculpt me more sets for this war!