Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

Asculum the next

Ok, already I have around 180 photos. But I will not booring you with all of them:-) Just here a few more highlights from the infantryfights.

 Pyrrhus himself, sculpted by Andy. Sadly just one prototype
 Greek reserves

 Between two Phalanxes we always had a unit of infantry as cover
 Romans breaking into the Hypaspists

Close combat makes it more lively than static formations on both sides

Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

John finally started his own blog

Well guys, I am sure I talked about my friend Old John in the past. "old" because he is just four years younger than my father:-)

Ok, John is one of the longest and best friends I have in this hobby. He collected and gamed with figures as
I was not on this earth. Seeing his collection was very impressing with all this stuff available 40 years ago and the good old days when you had to thought about how to convert a figure into what you wanted it to be.

John bought the moulds from old companies like "Les Higgins", "Woodensfeld", "Douglas miniatures" etc.
and now starts to reproduce the figures. Sometimes this "old" stuff is better than what we get today from some manufactors.  So maybe this could be interesting for the collectors between you too - then visit his blog and buy from him that he gets his money back to buy more of this lost stuff:-)

John good luck with your blog!!

Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011

Now the fight along the line

Most of the figures on the diorama are HAT and Zvzeda with a mixture of old Atlantic and some Samnites from another manufactor (can't remember which).
There are over 1000 newline design figures on the plate as well as old Minifigs s-range and peters figuren as well as some old Art-Miniaturen.

I want to thank especially HAT and Newline who gave us special prices for their stuff to buy the numbers of figures we needed!!!! It is always good to have some sponsoring:-)

Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

For our French friends - Linear B now available in France

An old friend of mine was so annoyed by the French hobbyshops and the high costs for figures and postage that he as an enthusiast as me started to sell figures himself. As I know we have a lot of Frenchmen here watching the blog, I thought I could help him a little bit as he helped me in the past. So here is the mail he sent me.

Linear-B France : une petite présentation
Chers amis Collectionneurs et Wargamers en France

Certains d'entre vous ont sans doute entendu parler de la compagnie Linear-B.  Linear-B est un nouveau fabricant de figurines historiques en plastique au 1/72ème et commence son entreprise avec des thèmes autour de la Rome antique.  Basée en Allemagne, notre entreprise collabore étroitement avec Strelets et nous avons décidé d'ouvrir une branche de la compagnie en France afin de pouvoir expédier les marchandises directement depuis la France et ainsi éviter les tarifs souvent très élevés des services postaux étrangers.

Vous pouvez dès maintenant visiter nos pages de Linear-B France à l'adresse suivante :
Si vous avez des questions ou des suggestions, n'hésitez pas à nous écrire à l'adresse mail :
En attendant de vous lire, nous vous remercions pour votre soutien et comptons sur votre enthousiasme !  Un grand merci aussi à Uwe pour son soutien.
Bien à vous
Linear-B France
Linear-B France: a short introduction
Dear friends, collectors and wargamers
Some of you may have come across Linear-B.  Linear-B is a new manufacturer of 1/72 plastic figures and is starting its career with the creation of figures around Ancient Rome.  We are based in Germany and our company works closely with Strelets.  Recently we have decided to open a branch in France so that our
models can be sent to France from this country, thus avoiding the often prohibitive shipment costs from abroad.
Please visit our Linear-B France pages at  
You can also send us your comments and suggestions to
Thank you for your support and enthusiasm!  A massive THANK-YOU to Uwe for his help!
Linear-B France

On the other flank - the "tank-battle"

After their defeat at Beneventum the Romans recognised that they can't fight Elephants with their frightened
horses. So they designed a sort of ox-drawn warwagon armed with Anti-Elephant weapons. Well, it didn't really worked. The Greek light infantry with the Elephants shot the oxen and the motionless wagons were an easy prey for the Greeks. Especially as they had the advantage of the "higher ground".

In my eyes the best part of the diorama. The landscape was simply flat, but here Peter had some nice ideas for using stones etc. for the ground.

 This velite is loosing his head....
 A long row of Thracians in support of the Elephants

 I like this colourful guys

Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Asculum the cavalryfight

Well with what part of the diorama should I start? Let us go from left to right from the Roman sight.

While the fighting of the infantryline was going on and on the right Roman flank the Elephants were taken on by the wagons, on the left Roman flank there was still a cavalryfight.

Here the Greeks had the bigger numbers and had some advantage