Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

John finally started his own blog

Well guys, I am sure I talked about my friend Old John in the past. "old" because he is just four years younger than my father:-)

Ok, John is one of the longest and best friends I have in this hobby. He collected and gamed with figures as
I was not on this earth. Seeing his collection was very impressing with all this stuff available 40 years ago and the good old days when you had to thought about how to convert a figure into what you wanted it to be.

John bought the moulds from old companies like "Les Higgins", "Woodensfeld", "Douglas miniatures" etc.
and now starts to reproduce the figures. Sometimes this "old" stuff is better than what we get today from some manufactors.  So maybe this could be interesting for the collectors between you too - then visit his blog and buy from him that he gets his money back to buy more of this lost stuff:-)

John good luck with your blog!!

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