Samstag, 29. März 2014

Gettysburg diorama Part 2

Here the second set of the Gettysburg diorama from the museum itself.

Hey and this time I found an Imex artillery, so it is not 100% made from Airfix figures:-)

But the town is very impressing in my eyes.

Donnerstag, 27. März 2014

Finally we have them casted - Prussian Towarczies 1807

After a long time we were finally able to cast the figures which was a challenge.

So now they are available in the shop.

Mittwoch, 26. März 2014

New WW2 Sets from Hagen

Our hobbyfriend Gerrit asked if Massimo can make WW2 figures too. Well, you have seen the first
tankriders. Here are the next photos.

 And here a very special unit which could be very interesting for some of you:-)

Samstag, 22. März 2014

The Diorama project for 2015 - Agincourt 1415

I have shown you so much work from friends and other collectors over the last weeks that I thought
it is time to let you know what I do.

Beside painting armies for this years project "Cuddalore 1783" I also started glueing up the figures from my collection to see how big the stock for Agincourt already is.

Sadly I have hundreds of foot-soldiers from Revell which I can't use for the battle. But nearly 180 archers are in the stock as well as several French knights.

The french attack on foot was nothing more then thousands of dismounted knights, pressed together. This will not cover much space at a diorama plate.

See here what I mean

 The charge of the mounted knights will be the eye-catcher. But for the painter the greatest challenge....

 See here the two falling ones. Kai Fuhrmann sold them years ago. Maybe they will be available in the future again?

BTW, the link to Kai's shop ist

Donnerstag, 20. März 2014


The British nation has a habit to remember it's defeat on the battlefield like Isandlwhana, Maiwand, Colenso etc.

One of these defeats is the fighting at Gandamak in the 1st Afghan war. We know the famous painting by
William Barnes Wollen

Other lesser know like this which I found on the homepage of the National army museum

And I have seen a lot of dioramas like this one

more from the latter at

What I always wanted was to build this last fight from the retreat from Kabul in 1/72.  Some years ago on a figure fair my friend Schmitty came back from a stand grining from ear to ear with a bag of conversions.


Can you imagine that I nearly went on my knees, pleading with him that he doesn't know what use they are for. But he I had no chance. Well, in the meantime I met Massimo, so maybe between all my ideas for future projects this is another idea:-))

There are no figures in the British infantry uniform of 1830-40 on the market in 1/72. These we could use for the Opium war, the 1st Burma war and the 1st Afghan war, 1st Carlist war beside some minor clashes on other frontiers.

BTW, within the bag was this guy here too. I guess it should be a Cape mounted rifleman.

Sonntag, 16. März 2014

The Gettysburg diorama with 1/72 Airfix figures from the museum at the battlefield itself

Last year my friend Rainer made a trip to the USA, visiting several battlefields and museums. I can assure you, I envy him for it!!

Before you get your view fixed to the photos maybe you remember that we did our own Gettysburg diorama starting nearly 20 years ago. There are several positings about it on this blog, for example here.

But now to the photos, really breathtaking. And as a nostalgican I like to see it made completely from the old Airfix-range.