Dienstag, 30. Juli 2019

Solferino - The French army

Massimo sculpted a big range of 1859 Frenchmen for my friend Patrick. Most of these figures are usefull for the Crimean war, while a few can be used for the Franco Prussian war too.

See here some French Guards waiting and advancing.

Freitag, 19. Juli 2019

Napoleon in Egypt

Andy thought our range for Napoleon Egyptian campaign needs a commander.

Not his worst idea I think:-)

Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2019

A late Roman diorama from Stephan Berry

I thought after all these posts of new masters I should make a change and show a diorama.

Here I have a very nice Diorama from Stephan, ancient Pontoons!

Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2019

Roman Auxilia infantry

For our diorama project I needed some more poses of Auxilia defending against the British onslaught. Darek helped me with some new poses.

This figures I already put in the shop, in case of other collectors would like to get them too.

As usual I need many casualties for my dioramas.

Talking about Casualties. In case you need Roman and Celtic casualties, my friend Massimo got the last of the Phersu-Miniatures and would be glad to sell them. In case you need some, simply contact me.

Here some of the photos from the old homepage.

Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2019

Auxilia Cavalry

And here the cavalry Darek converted for our Medway project. We will use Italeri-horses for them.

These together with Batavian infantry charge the British left flank. I also hope to find some more of the old Finescale Roman cavalry. And I have some old Garrison who look good. And of course Art-Miniaturen