Samstag, 30. Oktober 2010

Seen at Luneville figure fair

Here are some photos of breathtaking figures in 1/72 wich my friend Alfred Umhey mailed me today.

The "sculptor" wants to be unnamed. I can understand it, if we would know his mail-address we would bombard him with congratulations. I have never seen such stuff in 1/72 before!

Spanish cavalry against French Hussars - Spain 1808

French in Algeria 1840ies

Regiment Dromedaries - 1799-1801


French cavalry 1740ies

French wars of Religion


And htere we have the Confederat artillery. All figures and wagons are sculpted, casted and painted by Andy Peters - and he is selling the castings in his shop.

The charge

To bring Fredericksburg to an end, here you see the charge.

We had four lines of infantry, each around 450 figures. The first in a firing line, three more advancing and the fourth crossing the stream.

This is a mix of them all - enjoy!

Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010


Hi guys,

the most comments I got for a post on this blog were for Massimo's Gallipoli conversions. Hey it seems you prefer vignettes to big dioramas:-)))

So here you have now the complete one, enjoy!

Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

Detlef was busy

Just checking if the link from the last post works, I saw that Detlef Peters produced all the photos he made from the DUZI on their homepage. Now I have to hurry up:-))

Fredericksburg the charge

Ok, here we start from the Union side. See the four lines of Bluecoats advancing. The first in in a firefight with the defenders, three more rows (each 450 men) comming afterwards. The last one just comming over the little stream.

Don't ask me for the units at the moment. We showed the attack of the Irish Brigade. In the last row we had a blue flagg, so other units advanced too. As I took myself back this time with the historical research I simply enjoyed this time painting without stress:-) But I will ask Ingo if someone is interested.

So here one overview and then the best close ups of the ones crossing the stream.

BTW, more of 90% of the advancing figures are from Peters figures, sponsored for the diorama at for sale here. Some other conversions are made by Ingo (officers, dead and dying) and are for sale through me too.