Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

Debbeler 1870 range

As I have seen from the number of visits how much you are interested in the range, I thought it would be interesting to put some of the figures online which Pay Brodersen sold last year when he exchanged his 1/72 collection into a fortune. I have the luck to get a lot of the figures for my own collection. Here see some of the Debbelers he had for sale

 But he not only had Debbeler figures for this range, but great conversions too. To my great pain I lost all the auctions for the artillery. But having got Pay's photos (again many thanks Pay) I would be able to convert them myself.  Hey Hank, even for your Prussians advisers at Silistra 1854 interesting!!

The funiest thing was, that I accidently took a bit of 50 Euro (wanted to bit 20)  on these nine Chasseurs Afrique. Conversions from Esci Scotts Greys and Revell Lifeguards. But I lost!!!

 Other easy conversions are these Prussian and French cavalry.

Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

More figures from Hank

I always like Hank's ideas for conversions. Here are again his Albanian regulars. I would say they could be used for Egyptians too.

And talking about the Ottoman army, today Timo sent me a mail for a great new movie which comes this year into the Turkish cinemas (hopefully the DVD in German too):-))

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

Ulf Debbeler figures

Maybe some of the German collectors know about the metals from Ulf Debbeler which were available around 15 years ago from Kai Fuhrmann. Sadly Ulf stopped producing figures. I still have his catalogue and he offered me once to recast some of the figures. But the price is a high one, between 2-3 Euro each :-(

Kai made a list of his figures in the past on his homepage which is still available. There you can see some photos of them too. I copied a few down as samples.

I am lucky to have them all in my collection. A great series of figures. Ranges are for example Culloden:

Great series of WW1 Stuff with a lot of exotics

A huge range of ACW and Franco-Prussian war and some real exotics like this "Incident at the waterkloof" copied from Bill Horan's masterpiece. Kaffir war 1852.

See here the original

Hank's Ottoman army

You know Hank's work from former posts or from the Strelets homepage. It is always refreshing to have discussions with him about their uniforms and combat history.

Here are his latest conversion/paintings. Albanian regulars.

Converted from Zuaves and Waterloo 1815 Egyptians

Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

Thomas Mischak's Waterloo diorama

My old friend Thomas has one advantage over me and for sure most of you - he has space!

His Waterloo diorama on a permanent display in an old Bunker from the cold war is one of the best I have seen so far. His space is limited, so it doesn't grew by space but by quality.

 I asked him for some photos and here they are:-))

Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

The old Falcata popped up again

Do you remember the Falcata and NapoleoN figures? A new Spanish company (shop) called La Flechanegraminiaturas bought the old moulds or boxes of figures from the former owner.

I had the luck now to lay my hands on the Spanish guerillias which were the ones I missed so far. But all the other sets were great with around 30 different poses in each set.

 But these guys are not only sellers, but collectors too and sent me some photos of their own armies

The started producing an own range of Carlist war figures. And as I am always open for new stuff, I at once ordered the whole range:-)))