Freitag, 29. April 2022

Battle of Lutter 1626

I remember my visit to Hungary 12 years ago at an invitation from Krisztian to the modelfair "Monsonshow" close to the Austrian border. There we put our joint diorama of the battle of Lake Peipus on show.

This year my Hungarian mates created another diorama for the fair. The battle of Lutter am Barenberge in 1626, the fourth largest battle of the Thirty Years' War.

I remember the flat figures diorama I have seen years ago at the tinfigure museum in Goßlar. In 2015 Frank made a post about this battle on his very interesting blog.

Here now the link to our Hungarian hobbyfriends work:

I hope next year to visit the show in life myself again

Sonntag, 24. April 2022

Just five weeks left for Medway and the dioramica

 Puh - at the end, time is running short. I have to base my Celtic cavalry and several Roman centuries.

Now Patrick told me, we can only have a space of 6x3,5 meters. I would call this a vignette:-)

So now the focus is on eyecatchers like some medics, artillery and wagons.

Schmitty asked Jan to create a few wagons for him, for which he used the new lasercutter from Hagen.

These are not for sell, only for the diorama. 

The next question is, did the Celts used any "tents" for their camp. I guess a kind of sukkah. 

The biggest challenge will be a fighting line of Roman Auxiliaries. So far we have only two cohortes of them. Let's see, if we can increase this number to cover the space on the Celtic left flank.

There is still much to put on bases

Freitag, 15. April 2022

Easter is more than chocolate eggs

which have their historical backround too. At the fasting, chicken continued to produce eggs. So you have to safe them in in the time afterwards you have many of them to eat:-)

But we should remember Easter for what it really stands. Six years ago Arexmaximus posted something about it on Benno's forum

As Pieter wrote, sculpted by Leonardo from Phersu miniatures

Mittwoch, 6. April 2022

Batalla del Baluard de Santa Clara

 My Hobbyfriend Jim found these great photos of a 15mm diorama. Not my scale, but for sure my cup of tea! 

Look at Wikipedia to get more information on it. Thanks for Google translator:-)

Freitag, 1. April 2022

Some more stuff for the Franco-Prussian war

 Over the weeks I have collected some more photos on this subject.

First a nice vignette, Massimo created 

Now as the Prussian artillery is already on the way from our caster in Spain, here the next step for a good diorama - the Prussian horse drawn limber. The horses by Massimo, limber 3D from Peter, already casted.


And now my idea to increase this range. The Prussians are the same in 1864, 1866 and 1870/71. As a Bavarian, I wanted to create something about the German civil war of 1866. The campaign along the river Main in Franconia with Prussians and some northern states fighting the south Germans and Austrians. 

At Kissingen there was a battle between Prussians and Bavarians. That is my idea for the future. Here a figure from the Bavarian army museum special exhibition about the campaign of 1866

In case, Massimo is reading this -  in three weeks is my birthday (LOL).