Samstag, 26. April 2014

Battle of the Schellenberg 1704

When I visited the Guards museum in London I made photos of this very nice made diorama.
Of course my favourites here are the Bavarians:-)

I remember the day when we went up the hill after visiting the battlefield at Blenheim and the extremly good exhibition about it in Höchstädt Castle.  Very difficult to imagine to climb this hill and have some breath left to fight...

Mittwoch, 23. April 2014

The first painted figures for our Cuddalore Diorama

You may recognise that I am enjoying some days off from work, seeing the daily postings:-)

Today I went upstairs and glued all the painted figures I already have done for the diorama on the bases. The good thing is this is cheering me up as I see it is going forward. The other side is I see all these uncomplete units and know there is much more work to do....

When my son was old enough to get his own room I had to leave him my hobbyroom. Hobbyfriends who know me have seen all the stuff stored away under the roof, in the cellar and in a small room where I had to store all my books in boxes. Not even a whole room, but just always parts or corners of them - a real shame....

Here are the photo from under the roof, first a view through the door where I sorted all the bases and glued the units on them.

Two bases of British Grenadiers, two companies marching behind the firing line to get into position on the left flank.

 And here some details that you see how many conversions I have in the units.

 The Madras European regiment, awaiting a counterattack from Mysore troops.

 Well this wing here is already receiving it...

While the fighting on the left British column goes forward, the French Regiment La Mark is chasing back the Hanoverian regiments which they repulsed in the attack on the French center.

Here the French Regiment Austrasie who is in firing line against the British grenadiers and the 73rd foot.

 Here the same Royal Roussilion

Mysore troops ready to advance. In 1783 these guys usually had a white uniform. Three years later Tippuh introduced the tiger shaped purple uniform. So these guys are good for Seringapatam, but not for Cuddalore. On the other hand I like the painting.

All the British we used for the Bunker Hill diorama years ago will come on the plate too. These are around 2000 more and then we have already more British then we need. Not it is taking on to paint the Highlanders from Massimo, the Sepoys and some artillerymen and the British side is done. The French are still a challenge.

And just to show you with which little space I have to deal here are some photos from my upper rooms.
Half a look at my archive. Beside collecting 1/72 figures, "Uniformology" is my favourite hobby. All these binders are sorted in a special system which I took over from my friend Alfred Umhey who brought me into this hobby over 15 years ago.

 I can't offer photos of boxes sorted up to the roof. First of all the roof is not really high and I have to safe the space:-) So all the figures are removed from the sprues and put in small bags into these wooden boxes, standing two rows deep.
 Here are some of the painted units which we haven' used for a diorama so far. These boxes are standing four deep.

While I took over this small bord from my wife (no the teddy and the doll-house are not mine!!)
and filled it up with painted figures too.

I guess you can imagine that I hope my little ones are growing up soon that I can chase them out of "my" room and give them the appartement under the roof? :-)))

Dienstag, 22. April 2014

The Prussian Towarzyzs 1807

Today Peter sent me photos of the first set painted which I want to show here.

Then our hobbyfriend Lars wrote an article about them in German which you can see here

Well, I hope you like what you see:-)

Next diorama from the Salute - Attack on Jerusalem 1099

This was one of my favourite dioramas at the Salute this year. Our friend Peter suggested some years ago that we should make a Crusader siege too in the future. Seeing this little gem here with all the great paintjobs and the buildings the idea about a Crusader diorama came back into my mind.

Here you see what impressed me: