Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2020

Franco-Prussian war conversions

 Around 20 years ago, Ulf Debbeler sold a very nice range of figures, all conversions from existing figures, sculpted over. He had a big range of WW1 figures with colonials, many exotic ACW figures and also a range of the Franco Prussian war.

My hobbymate Pay once sent me these photos of such figures (infantry) together with conversion for Prussian artillery and cavalry for both sides. 

If you are interested in what was available, I have photos of Ulf's complete range. 

Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2020


 Dear hobbyfriends,

since I wrote about the silent night last year, the world has changed. We not only had a silent night, but in a way a silent year too. 

No figure fairs, not much chances to meet friends in person. 

Now it is again the silent night. But it is a different silence. Hopefully the absence of stress, enmity and trouble.  It should be the silence of peace. Like in one of my favourite movies.

I wish that wars only continue on our tables and dioramas, that people help each other in the acutal situation. I wish you a pieceful Christmas together with your loved ones. And of course I wish us all many gifts of figures and books:-) 

Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2020

Sudan 1884

 Beside working on a Franco-Prussian war diorama, Patrick had the idea to make some "smaller" ones. The subject is the war of 1884/1885 in Sudan. 

When I think about Dioramas, I see British squares, fighting against a Derwish onslaught. Maybe the Derwish attack on Karthoum. 

On the other side, I am always after the most exostic subjects. So maybe the battle of Rejaf. 1897 with the Belgian Force Publique charging a Derwishes

Or the  battle of Kassala against the Italians. For these, Massimo already sculpted Italian Askaris for it and I hope for Penne di Falco cavalry too.

Ok, these are my own wishes. Patrick wanted to have something different. His new diorama is the evacuation of Civilians from a town in Sudan. At least the first set of Victorian civilians on the market. I think they are useful for many subjects, even Sherlock Holmes:-)

Samstag, 19. Dezember 2020

French Marines de la Garde

 One of the most colourful units of the Napoleonic period.  They fought at Bailen in 1808 and on the 15th June 1815. Some think, they fought at the battle of Leipzig too.

No matter where they fought and how they looked like - they are a colourful unit.

And this unit is available now here:-)

BTW, you could also use them as Italians.