Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2020

Spanish horse artillery 1808-1815

After many Solferino and Franco-Prussian war figures, we come back to the Napoleonic period.

We try to complete our range of the Spanish army for the early Peninsular war.

So far I don't know any other producer who did the Spanish horse are in 1/72. The next will be some Cazadores and I think about a commandset too.

My dream is to have a complete army for the Spanish army from 1808 to 1814.

Freitag, 22. Mai 2020

Time for another diorama - The Roman harbour of Misenum

After so many posts about new figures, I thought it is time for a change.

I have several photos from Stephan Berry's great dioramas left, so here a nice scene of a Roman harbour.

These days with the Lockdown have only one good side - I have more time to paint figures. I should continue to paint more Romans and celts for our new diorama Project, but I can't see them anymore. Looking on Stephan's photos, I got new Motivation.  So I started painting  several sets from Phersu, all casualties. And I try to find other celts, as only Italeri, Airfix and Revell in my piles to have more variations. I think it is time to take a knife:-)

Samstag, 16. Mai 2020

Prussian Ulans Mars la Tour

In Massimo's catalogue you may have recognized the other 1870 Prussians. With the Cuirassiers already available, I only needed the 16th Ulans to charge the French lines in Bredow's death charge.

My friend Pieter knew this and together with Massimo they made me a huge surprise to my 50th birthday - Many thanks friends!!