Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2020

Prussian cavalry for Bredows charge at Mars la Tour 1870

One of the most famos stories of the Franco-Prussian war is the death ride of Bredow's Brigade at Mars la Tour. More about the battle you can read at Wikipedia.

Prussian Cuirassiers and Ulans charged the French lines, took several guns and broke two lines of French infantry. Afterwarts they were pushed back and hunted by French Cavalry.

The charge bought enough time for the Prussian infantry to reform its ranks and continue the fighting. In German teachings after the war, this charge was seen as a success, so in 1914 it was repeated time and again by several nations until they learned, that a machine gun is enough to stop such an attack.

My plan is to create this charge as part of a 1870 project. Patrick has all the Frenchmen from his Solferino project, just a few conversions to 1870 guns has to be done.

Now we have the Cuirassers and hopefully Massimo has time to sculpt me the Ulans next.

Here the castings of this set. It will be available from - or if you can't wait contact Massimo directly who sells them in his well known boxes with a uniformplate.

And here some impressions from the battle. You see, the subject is very well covered in paintings:-)

Freitag, 24. Januar 2020

Battle of Bailen 1808

Another great diorama in the Spanish museum Timo visited was this old Bailen Diorama. The figures are mostly Stadden 25mm figures. Thanks to Alfred for the information!

As I have samples of all Falcata Sets and also the NapoleoN range, Kennington or SHQ Spaniards and of course HAT, I think a Spanish army with all the important units is possible to create. Also I have of course many Esci Prussian Jägers painted as Spanish as we did in the past:-)

And in our own production we have several missing units which you can find here. As I have nearly all needed French units in my collection, this may be an idea for the next project.

I wonder about one thing. The last set of figures I put into our old shop was Spanish cavalry charging. So far we sold only one set of this. Other sets from this range are running in much bigger numbers.

Is it that the figures are not good, or simply nobody recognized them as in the new shop suddenly every set was new?

If you are interested in them, you can buy the set here.