Montag, 19. Juli 2010

The Roman camp

And here again made by Ingo my Roman camp. The tents are from Kai Fuhrmanns Stewalin castings. Very good to paint and not too expensive.

The Roman traveling wagon was made by Ingo too and as far as I know he would be happy to sell some. If you are interested in one, contact me and I will arrange it, as Ingo speaks no English.

Samstag, 17. Juli 2010

The celtic hillfort

And here is the fort on the hill. Again the credit for the wall goes to Ingo Gohlke, while another friend Georg Maiwald made the houses from scratch. It is really good to have hobbyfriends around who know how to do such things:-))

The cavalry fight

On the right side of the Celts I wanted to create a cavalry fight. It was interesting how many figures you can find, when you mix metal with plastics.

In this little fight of around 80-100 horsemen I had on the Celtic side figures from

Minifigs S-Range

On the Roman side

Fine Scale factory

Enjoy the photos, sadly I was never able to complete this part of the diorama.

Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

Inspired by Simon Scarrow

Ok, going forward with more diorama projects. The year before Aliwal Peter Herfen wanted to have his Orc diorama on show. As I am not interested in Fantasy figures I decided to make my own in the meantime.

Inspired by the novels from Simon Scarrow I decided to make a diorama of the Roman invasion of Britains 43AD. The idea was the Romans attack a Celtic stronghold while being attacked in the flank by a Celtic relief force.

This was the last diorama I made in my hobbyroom because later it became my son's room. So this became never complete and hopefully one day will see his ressurection.

I used every manufactor I knew - plastic and metal - because I wanted as much different poses as possible. In the meantime Caesar came up with their wonderful Celts and I was able to get some Ral Partha Celts beside some other old metals. Not to forget a lot of new Strelets Romans. So be sure there will be a second one much better and bigger!

Here are the first shots . The Celts try to break the Roman line. The Romans fought between four and eight ranks deep, depended on the enemie. I guess they didn't thought the Celts too strong to need 6 or 8 ranks. Behind the line I posted the archers. I took the standards behind the line, because in my eyes it doesn't make sense to put one guy with a small shield in the front line to give the Celts a chance to break through.

I have read several books about Roman tactics before, but nowhere I got a real answer to the question where to put the Signifer. Some suggested him in the frontline, but as I said, this made no sense for me.

Montag, 5. Juli 2010

Turkish infantry

After the artillery, more then 20 poses of infantrymen will be available soon.As Strelets did just one sets of Turks within the battlebox, I thought the Russians need some "true" enemies which fought them not only on the Crimea, but along the whole front before and afterwards the British and French were involved in the war.

Samstag, 3. Juli 2010

Turkish artillery

Hi guys,

sorry for being silent. I had some hard weeks at work and thought about what to show next. The year before we did Aliwal our friend Peter Herfen wanted to show a diorama of Orks. Not my stuff, I am strictly in historical subjects. So I did a Roman diorama myself. Before I want to show this I want again to show some figures from my own production.

Hank is a very popular and well known collector on the forums, especially Strelets. Since years he is working on a 1853 Russo-Turkish war diorama, the battle of Kalafat. I wanted to help him making Turkish figures, so we both decided to make a Turkish artillery. More infantry and cavalry will follow to reinforce his Strelets and metal Turkish army.

The figure are sculpted and casted by my very good friend Andy Peters. Andy is supporting us on all the dioramas we do. Take a look at his homepage and see some very good figures he is selling.

At the moment he does a lot of figures for our upcomming Fredericksburg diorama this October. But befor I show this, take a look at the Turkish artillery, freshly sent over from Hank.

And guys - these figures are for sale!! So if you want some Turkish artillery order them from Andy or contact me. All the profit goes into new diorama projects and more exotic figures.