Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2018

Wiener Bürger Militär - Vienna militia 1809

Since the siege of Vienna 1683 the Austrians had several regular regiments of Militia in their major towns.

In the time of the Napoleonic wars the town of Vienna had three regiments of Infantry, two of Sharpshooters, a unit of cavalry and artillery.

Our hobbyfriend Manfred asked to get this unit, so we put it in the pipeline and Frank sculpted them for him. The research was a challenge this time as there were minor differences in the uniforms of the units.

Now we have finished the sets which cover the 1st and 2nd infantry and one of the sharpshooters as well as the Grenadiers.

You may recognize the Grenadiers and the sharpshooters. The two line infantry regiments had the same uniform, just the bandoliers of the NCO's was different.

We have all the units in parade formation, to celebrate the entrance of Archduke Carl into Vienna after the battle of Aspern.

For those of you who are interested in Austrian infantry without white uniforms, here are some plates.

The figures will be available in the shop within the next four weeks.

Samstag, 29. Dezember 2018

French and Indian war diorama at the Dioramica

Ulundi was just our project this year, but at Hannoversch Münden a lot of other great subjects are on show.

This diorama is in the permanent exhibition. If you want to see it in "real life", take a look at this link.

I very much like the subject and the realisation here is very good. On the other hand, seeing the numbers of British casualties, the few French must have been expert shooters:-)

Beside some Highlanders which are from my own range and which I also used in bigger numbers for the Cuddalore diorama, the rest of the figures are Art-Miniaturen.

Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2018

Atztek warfare in flats

My mate Timo visited the Zinnfigurenmuseum in Leipzig some time ago and sent me a lot of photos from it.

As this special subject is of interest to me, I thought I share the photos with you.
With some 1/72 figures available for this period too, why not working on a little diorama about it.

Let's say la noche triste? I like the idea:-)

And in addition two more photos I made anywhere...

Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2018

A new range from Frank Ziegler - Cunaxa 401 BC

I gues most of you know the story from Xenophon. If not take a look at this link.

A new set of plastic figures hit the market. I just recognized it while I wrote this post.
For those of you interesting in the subject, take a look here.

And the third link is for my first post on this subject some time ago on the blog.

What I wanted to show you is the new range from Frank Ziegler who made 10 complete sets for this Persian Civil war. These figures will be available very soon.

Freitag, 14. Dezember 2018

Ulundi - The Zulus

After some hard days at work I found the time to relax and put the next photos on the blog.

I hope you enjoy the waves of charging Zulus. The main attack is on the right corner of the back of the square while in the front the Zulus just make a diversionary attack.

On the hill beside the square they fire down on the British.

Thanks to Frank Becker who showed me what my camera was able to do so that I could make these photos down the line of the Zulu charge.

I wish next time we have better light or get a room with windows...