Freitag, 26. Februar 2021

Polish Ulans in the SYW

With my Focus on the SYW these days, I asked Darek to sculpt a figure of a Polish/Saxon Ulan in the SYW.  These guys have exotic uniforms and will be a nice addition to such an army.

What do you think about it? 

Freitag, 19. Februar 2021

Korbitz 1759

 The last weekend I search for six hours all the books about the SYW, which I had in my collection. It is very hard to find a detailed account. So far, I have searched out around 15 different sources. Some detailed info comes from the regimental histories. Their losses gives a suggestion, in which line they stood. 

At least I found a map with the names of the Generals. Now I know, where the brigades stood. 

The Freibattalion Wunsch (two battalions) defended the left wing of the Prussians against the Reichsarmee in the first line. So I decided to paint them in fighting positions.

In reserve stood combined Grenadiers (2nd "Line" and 2nd Garrison). 

Interesting is, that the "Wunsch Legion" not only had infantry, but also Sharpshooters and Hussars.

Osprey for example has a plate of the Sharpshooter

And we have some hussars too.

Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2021

Medway - Trying some shield decails

As painting of shields often brings me to the borders of my ability, I wanted to try some shield-decails for the front-ranks of my Celtic host. 

I have so many Celts waiting for the Diorama (exactly 2.104 today) with simply painted Esci/Revell/Italerie-shields, Here I wanted to bring a little bit more colour and quality in the units. 

So I have ordered two sheets from TS Miniaturen and tried my luck. 

Some badly painted Revell Celts from an Ebay-auction still lay around. 

I had two options. Scrape the shield clear or remove it complete. I tried the first and gave them another painting.

Afterwards I glued the decails with white glue on the shields. 

Much more colours in one way, but I am still not happy. Especially with the Airfix figure.

Beside this, I used a little bit too much Umbra when washing the figures:-)

The next time, I will cut away the shields completely and will glue the decail on some cardboard. And maybe I should add the shieldboss with some putty. The question is, do we see all these details in such a huge horde?

What are your experiences with this kind of shield-designs? I guess I have less trouble when I paint the Qualitycast Celts, that are lying around.

Dienstag, 16. Februar 2021

New figure sets at Blackwatch miniatures

 After some weeks, five new sets arrived and two older ones were increased in numbers of figures.

I still fight with the Gambio shop system to bring the news officially on the shop. Still all articles are labelled as new. 

Here are the links to the real new sets. Beside this the sets of 31eme French light infantry in Spain and the revolutionary French light infantry were increased to our usual set of 12 figures.

Freitag, 12. Februar 2021

Another new manufactor of 28mm and 1:72 figures hit the market

 My friend Ingo finally started his own business. In the past he sculpted for me the Ottoman Napoleonic army, several units of the 1848 Risorgimento range, WSS Spanish units. All of them are available from Hagen miniatures. 

Beside this he made great figures for Schillings Zinnfiguren.

Here now his own shop -

Good luck Ingo! 

Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2021

Bavarian infantry Franco-Prussian war

 Usually the Bavarians charged the French (at least against the Empire). At Bazailles in a full run, at Wörth/Fröschwiller through the woods. 

Here the next set for Patricks Wörth-Diorama. And of course for our collections too:-)

Sonntag, 7. Februar 2021

A new Diorama project - and a challenge for all of us who are locked in

 Our last "anual" diorama project was the battle of Ulundi, which we have shown on the Dioramica in November 2018. The next project is the battle of the Medway which we wanted to show in summer 2020 in Lampertheim and again in November at the Dioramica.

This means, I am painting on Romans and Celts since over two years. We all painted huge armies and weren't able to meet as a group to make a trial, how it looks like, what space we get etc. etc.

Last week I talked with my friend Schmitty and we decided to already start on a new project. This time a lesser known combat of the SYW, which we want to produce with units in orginal numbers. Well, at least a part of it:-) Better than showing a big battle with units, only 20% of their real size. 

I am a Franconian from birth, so I wanted to have "my" own units involved. One of the best Websources for this campaign is Kronoskaf

The best subject, I found is the combat of Korbitz. A very colorful Reichsarmee, including the Franconian regiment Varell, which is the unit I started to concentrate now. 

Now I will read through my collection of German sources to find as many details as I can. Then we decide which part of the combat we want to create. 

All of you are invited to join us - take on the challenge - You can lend us the figures for the project or if you don't want, simply paint units which are involved there. Anybody can send me photos of what he did and I will publish it on the blog.

So we can still be part of a project, while sitting at home. Tell me what you think about it.

And here now, no post without photos - some photos from the regiment Varell:-)

Montag, 1. Februar 2021

Another AWI Diorama from Thomsonfeld

 The title of it is "Prisoners of war"

Again a great job, painting, groundwork etc.