Montag, 28. Juni 2021

Major Baring at Waterloo

 Over a year ago, our Hobbyfriend Arnaud asked me for a figure of the KGL Colonel, defending La Haye Sainte. I wanted to fulfill this wish and asked Massimo to sculpt the figure. 

The question now is, how to continue. I am thinking about two opions

- A set "Defenders" of La Haye Sainte, means KGL light infantry

- A set of lesser known personalities at Waterloo.

Usually all the existing commandsets about Waterloo show the emperor and nosey, Ney & Picton etc. 

I thought about a set with for example Kruse, commanding the Nassau troops, von Alten, Hanoverian General, Vivian for the British light cavalry, more Dutch commanders and maybe for the French Cambrone, Colbert etc. 

Which one would be your favourite set?

Here the painted Baring. Courtesy of Arnaud:-) 

Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2021

New 3D-prints Napoleonic and Franco-Prussian war

 In the last post, I have shown the Spanish train figures. Here now the 4-pounder with limber, Peter "painted" for us. 

In addition to it, a Prussian modell 1867 gun with limber. Massimo will sculpt the crew for it. I also wanted to get an ammunition wagon, so that I can put a complete Prussian battery on the diorama.

It is a real beauty:-) The first painting shows, what I have in mind. The others are variations. Some pictures show Prussian artillery between 1871 and 1914, just to show what is possible. 

Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2021

Another nice idea for a Spanish unit in 1808

 I asked Pieter, what Spanish units we still miss. Here I thought about a staff, Hussars and Cazadores a caballo.

Well, he answered, some artillery-train would be nice.

Well, I asked Massimo and this is the result.

The gun and the Zvzda limber are just for show.

Andy will provide some mules and Peter is working on a French 4-pounder with limber. 
I think, this will be a very funny set:-)

Sonntag, 6. Juni 2021

Leonardo - Phersu miniatures

 Yesterday was the second anniversary of Leonardo's death.

To honour him and his work, Massimo started reproducing several of Leonardo's great sets in his special boxes. 

I think, Leonardo would like this. I already got my set of Boudica and enjoyed it very much. Especially as the figures are metal and not this always breaking resin stuff this time. 

The next set will be Lars Porsena.

If you are interested in these sets, please contact Massimo directly at

Samstag, 5. Juni 2021

The next set to complete the Spanish army of 1808

 Maybe you have recognized, that I want to complete all the ranges, Massimo sculpted for Hagen in the past.  I think, a complete range is always better as only half finished armies. 

So step by step, we want to arrange this. My first focus is on the Spanish army of 1807 to 1809. Some cavalry units and services, as well as a high staff are still missing. 

Here now we have the next step - Bringing up the old set of 4 Catalonian Cazzadores to our usual set of 12 figures. If you take a closer look at the flagbearer, he already has the new blue uniform, introduced in 1805.