Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

A new addition to my Wellington in India range.

I am sure I have written here on the past that the start into my own production was to have such a range for my own collection. I am still working on a diorama for Assaye or the siege of Seringapatam.

Here now the next step to round it up - Tipu's Tiger mortars. These guns were a must for me the first time I've seen them. This here is in the artillery-museum in London

And now Andy sculpted one for me. He also converted the Mysoren artillerycrew I already had in the shop for it.

The next now will be the 74th Highlanders of which I already sent the details to Massimo.

Afterwards the Indian prince on his Elephant and a British artillery crew. And if I find a sculptor who can make Indian cows at the end the train. 

Ah, and before I forget it - you can order them here

Bunker Hill dioramas in a bigger scale

Before I go into the holidays here another post.

Years ago I got these photos from a friend who visited the USA. He told me these dioramas are at the museum there. 54mm the one and the other looks smaller than 1/72.

Sonntag, 24. Mai 2015

Turkish wars of the 1680ies and 1690ies

At the military museum in Rastatt they have a very nice flat figure diorama from this war. Here are some photos I made years ago with my old analog camera.

More photos from this war I already posted on this blog:


As this is a real colorful subject we started making the figures for it in 1/72 which I want to bring back to your mind. In case you want to take a look, press this link:-)

The latest set from this range are the Austrian/German infantry. In the next two weeks I will paint a view just to show for what these guys are useful.

Montag, 18. Mai 2015

Five years my blog

Last week I got a congratulation letter from our Hobbyfrind Richard Kohl who wrote me that on the 8th of May this year my blog was on the web for five years now. Puh, I haven't recognised this...

Many thanks for this letter and the wishes!

Now what happened in the five years? I am close to 500.000 hits on the blog, have an average 400-450 visitors each day and now nearly 250 followers. To be honest I haven't thought this diorama-building to be soo popular:-)

In January 2013 we started with our shop at Hagen-Miniatures, another dream of mine to produce my own figures. This also is a success with over 1500 figures in the shop, a meter-long list of wishes for production comming up the pipeline and new sets of figures every month. And much more important, through the shop I got contact to a lot of hobbyfriends who I haven't met before.

We are still able to bring one diorama on show each year for which I want to thank all the hobbyfriends who help with painting figures!

In the meantime my friend Schmitty with whom I work on the dioramas from the first day had the idea to rent a hall just to put all our dioramas on display and than search for a professional cameraman to make a photo-shooting of all the dioramas we did since 1995. The only problem there is that we don't have enough of our "grass-sand-mix" to cover all the plates:-)
Maybe we can arrange a hobby-meeting in this hall, having a good time with other collectors.

Several dioramas like for example Isandlwhana or Hastings we did years ago. In the meantime there are new figures on the market (the whole HAT- Zuluwar-range appeared after whe had the diorama on show in 2004). So I thought of a second Isandlwhana with nearly 3 times the number we had 10 years ago.

Let's see what happens in the future. I hope you all will still visit this blog and have fun with me with our hobby. That was the reason why I started it and I am happy that the fun is still there!

All the best to you

Freitag, 15. Mai 2015

More photos from Arndt's Waterloo diorama

This time we have a brigade of Cuirassiers charging and the fight at La Haye Sainte.

Good to see some of our British Rifles here too;-)

And this is really impressing. When I think of my French heavy cavalry, mostly old Esci ones...

Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015

Sealed packs of Italeri and Zvezda sets for sell

A friend who run a model-shop gave up and asked us if we would like to sell the rest of his 1/72 stuff for him. We got several hundred sets of Italeri and Zvezda sets.

For those of you who are interested send me a mail at wild-heindl@t-online.de and I can send you the list. 

Most of the Zvezda-Sets are no more available on the market, so maybe it would be interesting for you. 


Montag, 11. Mai 2015

New 16th century knights from Frank Ziegler

Take a look at these guys which hopefully we will get in the shop in the next 2 month.

There is still the "Gewalthaufen" to come and these guys are than another addition to the growing range.

You can use the figures for the late 15th century, especially as Burgundians or later war of the Roses.

Samstag, 9. Mai 2015

The Waterloo Diorama at the Green-Jackets Museum in Winchester cleaned up

Years ago I had the luck to visit Winchester and it's military museums. The old Waterloo Diorama with 95% Airfix-Figures (conversions) was impressing to a nostalgic collector like me.

Now I found these photos on the web, for the 200th aniversary they cleaned it up.

Ponsonby's death

puh, a lot of dust on the figures....

Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015

17th century figures

My Hungarian friend Zsolt sculpted three figures of which he sent photos. I also got some castings which I will put into the shop.

A little bit too late for our Rocroi-Diorama, but there is always a next time:-)

How do you like his style?