Freitag, 30. August 2013

News from the Hagen-Shop

In the last week to hobbyfriends told me that because of the number of new stuff in the shop and the growing range of figures it is in the meantime difficult to work through the whole shop.

Many collectorfriends are limited to some favourite periods and to work through the ranges of different smalle manufactors needs a lot of time.

As we understood these "problems" we decided to change the shop in two parts. Going to 1:72 you now have the opportunity to surf through all the manufactors or through the periods.

Here is the new organisation of the shop. What do you think about it? Makes life easier - And I need a coffee now, took me four hours to put all the staff again into new chapters.....:-)))

Donnerstag, 29. August 2013

Swiss Gewalthaufen on the march to Hagen

At Kulmbach we had a talk with Frank Ziegler who already sculpted some Swiss pikemen for the Burgundian wars. These guys are also useful for the wars in Italy, late 15th and early 16th century.

Now he showed us his latest masterpiece, a complete Gewalthaufen with over 50 different poses including command and musicians. Beside this unit he had some marching musketeers and other figures too.

You will see these guys very soon in our shop at :-)))

Mittwoch, 28. August 2013

azincourt 1415

You know that I have my anual diorama with my friend Schmitty and other guys. This year it is Rocroi, for the next year we thought about India 1783.

But we need to paint a lot of figures from as we have no French infantry and only the old Italeri set which has not really good poses. Maybe I will try to produce our own French infantry through Hagen?

For 2015 we had the idea of creating the battle of Azincourt 1415, especially as I just heard Bernard Cornwell's novel about it as an audiobook:-)

Accidently I came over this diorama from the Italian Soldatini online forum. I thought this might be
interesting for you too.

Paul also wrote some time ago on Benno's forum that he thinks about working on this battle, so I guess in two years we will see a lot of good painted French cavalry with a colourful herarldry:-))

Montag, 26. August 2013

The last three Hereros, this time casualties

Just 10 hours after Massimo told me that he will make three dead Hereros to make the 20 poses full, he sent this photo over.

Now the guys go with the post to Germany and hopefully in two weeks they are in the shop and in 5-6 weeks on my diorama with a lot of their brothers:-)))

BTW, you can use some of this range for Natal natives too in my eyes.

We are not the only ones to make the German Schutztruppe

In the past the German colonial wars covered in figures were a dream of mine. Not Eastafrika in WW1 which is of course another great subject and for which there are metals on the market and I am waiting eagerly for the HAT-figures to hit the market, but the earlier ones too.

For example in 1896 the Wa-he-he in Eastafrika wipped out a German column of nearly 300 soldiers. If you like so the German Isandlwhana.

The Schutztruppe in South-West became my favourite subject. In the past I collected everything which I can use for it. For example the old Scruby figures, then the Hecker & Goros set which you see here and which is avilable from my friend Kai Fuhrmann.

Ingo used these figures and tried to convert them to mounted troopers as well.

I also made conversions from Plastics

Here a simple paintjob from the Esci Commonwealth infantry. Ok, the hat's turn up on the wrong side and for sure not 100% perfect. But you have to use what you got in the old days.... The second from left is an old Kennington German Eastasianbrigade from their boxer-range.

And two old Debeller figures, sadly no longer available. I hoped to get Ulf back in the hobby through our new shop-idea, but so far haven't succeeded.

Sonntag, 25. August 2013

The finished Hereros

This morning when I came to work the first mail I opened was from Massimo who already finished 17 Herero warriors for our range. You can imagine how impressed I was by the speed of the sculpting as well as his ability to work from a painting or photo as he has shown with the Rocroi painting or other subjects in the past.

With this speed I hope to have the figures in the mould within the next three weeks to have some enemies for our German Schutztruppe which I also put in the shop this weekend.

So far we have now 19 Germans and now will follow the 20 Hereros. More Germans to come next.

I hope you enjoy the photos and will become interested in other colonial wars beside the British:-))

More photos from Kulmbach - This time the battle of Pavia 1525

You remember my post from around two weeks ago about the (in figures) overseen 16th century.
Well the forgotten is in scale 1:72 with less then 10 sets of plastics. In flat figures there is a huge range.

As I was three days at the fair in Kulmbach I used the time to visit the museum at the castle.

See here some photos of their battle of Pavia 1525 diorama. To have such numbers of this subject in 1:72 would be great - and very colourful!!

Freitag, 23. August 2013

Next step of the hereros

The next photos of the Hereros, I like the curled heads of the guys and these figures can be used for an ambush as well as running back from a German attack while some fight a rearguard action. These will be the first figures of 20 poses we will have in the end from them.

You see from the drawings which describe certain clashes at the war that theyes guys not run away but usually fought tough and when in retreat the coverd their own.

Also see the details of some of them having parts of German uniforms worn.

Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

The Hereros are comming soon

See here Massimos workbench. I asked him to make now the Hereros to fight our Schutztruppe.
We want to increase the whole range of the Schutztruppe in German Southwest Africa.

The plan is to have the following units:

20-30 Hereros and Namas
Unit Schutztruppen charging
Unit Schutztruppen in firefight
Unit mounted on walking or standing horses, maybe the camel troops too
Navy units which sent a company to the war too.

All in all I guess over 100 figures at least of which 20 poses are already available in the shop at

Montag, 19. August 2013

Krisztian painted my armoured Indian cavalry

 You know, the Indian history is one of my favourites. So I asked Massimo to sculpt for me these Indian horsemen. They are useful from the 16th century wars up to the 19th century. They could go as Sikh irregular cavalry as well. I thought to use them with the Mysorean or Mahratta armies as heavy cavalry. A charge of them would surely disturb the rank and file in a unit of Sepoy infantry.

So now I am waiting for Sander's photos who wanted to have the challenge of the best paintjob of them.
And I will add my poorly painted samples to it too.

For those of you who would like to add the figures to their collection too, in the meantime they are available in our shop .