Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

Solferino - Museum and Diorama

On our tour through northern Italy two weeks ago we took the chance to visit most of the important battlefields of the campaigns of 1848/1859 and 1866. 

The most important of them is of course Solferino. There is a museum there which has some uniforms, paintings, equipment etc. about the battle on display. I visited the museum now the 3rd time and it is always a pleasure.

This time they had a new item on display. A small diorama with 1/72 figures which of course I want to post here too.

Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

Our Honved painted by Krisztian

This morning I got photos from our Honved infantry both from Massimo and Krisztian.
While Massimo assembled the figures and made the usual shadowing of figures we use in the shop (since Massimo told me my paintjob is too worth for a presentation:-) ) Krisztian painted the whole unit up to his high standard.

The Honved batallions formed the mass of the Hungarian army's infantry in the war of 1848/49.
First we wanted to have a set of standing figures before going into action poses and increasing the range.