Freitag, 29. August 2014

3 D - figures

Krisztian sent me some very interesting photos over. Figures made from a 3D-drawing.

As he want to increase his own range of 15mm figures for the Hungarian war of independence and is busy sculpting figures for it he thought this is an idea to fasten the pace of the production.

What do you think about figures made from a PC instead of a sculptor?

Here you see both, a sculpted figure and a printed figure (sculpted left).

I think a nice idea, but the costs are still a little bit higher then what a sculptor takes (at least ours:-))

The casualties at Cuddalore

Alfred and Roland have one big advantage over me. They are spending the nights together working for the diorama. When I start building up my troops the whole family is asleep. Well that is a blessing, but nobody can make photos of me working:-)

See here conversions made with a soldiering iron. Alfred teached me this skill years ago. After I melt a dozen or so figures it started working.

We now passed the mark of 5000 figures for this diorama too. I hope you will have the chance to visit Mainz in three weeks. Otherwise there will be hundreds of photos on this blog soon:-)

Dienstag, 26. August 2014

More soldiers for the late 15th century from Frank Ziegler

Here the next poses from Frank for his Gewalthaufen. The figures will be available in the near future in our shop.

Andy told me he will try to glue a complete unit on a base to have them on display in Mainz at the 20th

Montag, 25. August 2014

Ancient flats

10 years ago was a special exhibition about ancient battles in flat figures in the castle of
Aschaffenburg. I can remember the tour we had then. Now I found photos about it in my archive, but can't tell if they were made by my friend Alexander or myself.

Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

28mm French dragoons at foot

These guys have gaiters, so useful for the campaign of 1805 and not dismounted ones for other campaigns.

They are my friend Ingo's latest figures and will be available from the Schillings soon.

I know it will make the visitors from the TMP happy who often lament that our own figures are not 28mm - well these guys are:-)

Mittwoch, 20. August 2014

Our latest figures - Polish winged Husars and Panzernis

These are the first figures of our new range of the Polish army in the 17th century. More will follow soon to round up a complete army for this period.  Here standing and marching poses, something we miss in the Zvezda set.

The only available (but difficult to get) Panzernis on the market are the four figures from Morion.
So I think we should try to go for some more action poses of these soon.

And as an enemy of course Turkish Spahis:-)

30 hours work from Massimo to create these little gems.