Montag, 24. Juli 2023

Battle of Tacna 26th May 1880

 It has been a while since my last post.  Korbitz is getting booring, always painting the same figures.

So for having some variety I decided to start with a second project. As I am always after the lesser known subjects, I decided to find some battle to use for all the unpainted ACW figures which are lying around. 

The Pacific war of 1879-1883 between Chile an Peru/Bolivia always interested me. The last push I needed was the excellent book from Helion.

Seeing the Bolivian Cuirassier on the right gives me an option for painting our own Blackwatch French 1870 Cuirassiers:-) 

The book has a complete order of battle and maps, the best I have seen so far. The diorama/landscape is very easy to create - especially or our system of simply pooring sand over the stands. Here a screenshot from Google earth and photos from the museum/monument there.

So Tacna it is. I have already started painting ACW figures with kepi. Here for example some Peruian Cazadores del Misti. 

These old Airfix with not much details are great for this project. Especially as they have no frock-coat and are useful for both sides.

The Bolivians are a challenge, but one which can be solved. As for the Chilenians I took some help from our new 3D-sculptor. See here some results of our Chilenian infantry which will in short time also hit our shop at Blackwatch miniatures.