Sonntag, 31. März 2019

Our project for 2020 - The Roman conquest of Britania 43 AD

Last November at the Dioramica we spent our evenings sitting together, had some beers and a lot of ideas. One question was, what we will show next time.

Markus tries to talking sense in me since some years about a Roman diorama. Well, I like the subject and with already 2000 painted Legionaries and Celts in my collection I supported his idea.

The idea is to show the battle of the River Thames 43 AD. The other special is, we will show it the way, Simon Scarrow describes it in his wonderfull "Eagle" series. So we can't make any historical mistake.

Celts holding one side of the River, the Romans charging over, building a hard-pressed bridgehead and the 2nd Legion takes the defenders in the flank.

I don't know how big it will be in the end. We have 3 Roman legions there, for sure again the same number of Auxiliaries, train etc.  No idea about the Britans.

My hope is, that I can persuade some friends from whom I know they have a collection of Legionaries to join the project for one weekend.

Beside this I asked Darek, if he can make me some Roman Auxiliaries who defend against onrushing Britans. Here is the result.

Montag, 25. März 2019

Gendarmes de Elite

Let's stay with Waterloo. Our friend Thomas, whose special interest is the battle of Waterloo asked for a set of French Elitegendarmes in the 1815 uniform with helmet.

So Massimo answered his wishes with this (in my eyes) extremly good figures. In four weeks the set will be available in our shop.

Beside the two helmeted guys, Thomas asked for two with bearskin. So we can cover earlier campaigns too.

I can't wait to lay my hands on them!

Donnerstag, 21. März 2019

Waterloo at the Dioramica

What would be a figure-fair in 1/72 without charging French Cuirassiers or Napoleons Guards.

Frank and Wolfram showed some great little dioramas. I liked the details and the groundwork. Much more better then our own grain we use each year.

Here all the photos Rainer and I made on the subject.