Freitag, 30. November 2018

Next Set for Napoleon in Egypt

Frank worked on these guys at the Dioramica and today he sent me the result.

Infantry in Kleber uniform advancing. The range is growing as you can see here.

I started painting my own armies for the battle of Alexandria. This must be a colorful one.

See here the new masters

Freitag, 23. November 2018

Ulundi - Our Dioramaproject for 2018

Last weekend I had the chance to be on the dioramica where we put our Diorama on show.

Several people asked me how many figures were on the plate, but to be honest I can't say. The British were around 2000 infantry and 400 horsemen. The Zulus something between 6000 and 7000 I would say, maybe more.

See here the first photos. Big files so that you can zoom.

We needed eight hours to create it, but just one to remove it afterwards. And it was a lot of fun:-)

See much more to come:-)

Donnerstag, 22. November 2018

Spanish Dragoons - war of the Spanish succession

After Infantry with Grenadiers and Line cavalry, here the next set Ingo made for Pieter

Montag, 19. November 2018

New Austrian Napoleonics

Yesterday night I came back from the Dioramica. When I have sorted out the photos I made there will be some nice posts about great dioramas.

But there were not only dioramas to see for me, but mostly good friends to meet. And a lot of new masters to get which will be soon available in our shop.

Here are the first - Some more Tiroleans, this time Landsturm

Montag, 12. November 2018

New Pikemen late 15th Century from Frank

Beside the Ming Chinese we have another endless range:-)

Frank sent the photos of his latest figures for his Burgundian war range.

Here the official text from him:

New Pikemen/Halberdiers for the Duke

I expand my range of the 1:72 Burgundian Army by new liveried pikemen/billmen in halt, in a relaxed posture. These pikemen / halberdiers are only lightly armored, comparable to my last archers. They have no vambraces only gloves, a few have put on a bevor. And they wear simple livery clothes. As weapons they carry a long knife and a dagger.They wear sallets and warhats.
The pikemen had the lowest status in the military hierarchy, with the shooters, although they were tactically not insignificant and bore the brunt of the battles.
The one group is also equipped with puffed sleeves, an accessory, which emphasizes their higher status with the proximity to the ducal court. In Schilling's chronicles, these shoulder pads are often depicted as a characteristic of the Burgundian troops. Although the wearing of these shoulder pads was regulated in dress code. But we can assume, that in military clothing / equipment at the end of the period of Charles the Bold, puffed sleeves had a certain spread not only with guards troops.

So let us see these soldiers not only as lightly armed infantry in the battlefield. With a lavish, elaborately decorated livery and with a glaive, poleaxe, or a Lucerne hammer, you are able to represent with these figures soldiers in guard duty for the household of a nobleman.
The German version:

Die Pikeniere/Hellebardiere des Herzogs

Die Range der 72er Burgundischen Armee wird nun durch weitere Figuren erweitert. Sie sind analog zu den bisherigen Fußknechten in entspannter Haltung mit abgesetzter Wehr gestaltet. Diese Pikeniere/Hellebardiere sind nur leicht gepanzert, vergleichbar mit meinen letzten Bogenschützen, tragen kein Armzeug nur Handschuhe, ein paar haben ein Bevor angelegt. Und sie tragen einfach geschnittene Livrée Überwürfe. Sie haben Schallerhelme und Eisenhüte; als Waffen führen sie ein langes Messer und einen Dolch.

Die einfachen Spießträger/Hellebardiere hatten in der militärischen Hirarchie mit den Schützen den geringsten Status, wenngleich sie taktisch nicht unbedeutend gewesen sein dürften und die Hauptlast der Kämpfe trugen.

Die eine Gruppe ist auch noch mit Puffärmeln versehen, ein Accessoir, was ihren gehobeneren Status mit der Nähe zum herzöglichen Hof hervorhebt. In den Bildchroniken Schillings sind diese Schulterpolster oftmals wie ein Charakteristikum der burgundischen Truppen dargestellt. Das Tragen dieser aufgepufften Schulterpolster war in Kleiderordnungen zwar reglementiert, dürfte aber zum Ende der Zeit Karls des Kühnen hin, bei der militärischen Kleidung/Ausrüstung nicht nur bei Gardetruppen eine gewisse Verbreitung gehabt haben.


So könnte man diese Knechte nicht nur als leicht gerüstete Infanterie im Feld sehen. Mit einem üppig gestalteten Livre und einer Glaive (polearm), Fußstreitaxt, oder Luzerner Hammer könnte man mit diesen Figuren Wachen, Leibwachen im Gefolge oder im protokollarischen Dienst darstellen.


Samstag, 10. November 2018

Austrian army 1809

Our hobbyfriend Manfred who asked for Tirolean insurgents which we already have in the shop, also asked for Vienna City regiments in 1809.

He has some very nice units of the Austrian army in 1809 and I asked him for some photos which I know got from him.

I put the bigger files on the blog so that you can zoom for details. My favorites are the conversions to Serresaner Border troops. But also the Bohemian legion, sculpted by Uwe Ehmke and which I also used for our Aspern diorama nearly 10 years ago are an eyecatcher.

Donnerstag, 8. November 2018

Radetzky's Dragoons

Another set into our new range of the 1848 Risorgimento. This time we have Austrian Dragoons.

This will be a bigger range of which Massimo is sculpting the cavalry parts and Ingo the infantry units.  The next sets will be Austrian Artillery and Grenzers as well as Austrian Dragoons.

I thought about enemies. Beside the Hungarians the Italian war gives a lot of opportunities. My favorites are the Papal units who fought the Austrians at Lake Garda.

Montag, 5. November 2018

Franco Prussian war diorama

George from the USA has the same "favorite war" from the 19th century as I do.

So he sent photos from his diorama over. All the figures are BB Miniaturen when I see it right.
I like their cavalry, but find the infantry figures too clumbsy.

But I must say they have a huge range for this war with a lot of nice sets. And of course I have all these figures in my own collection too:-)

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did when I saw them.