Samstag, 27. April 2019

Some news for the shop

In our old shop we had the page for news. In the new shop, the news should be shown as news on the startside.

The problem is - in a new shop everything is new...

Here the photos of four sets I put into the shop this morning.

2x Marengo (or Egypt 1798)
1x French in Egypt

And the last set, my favorite - Hurons. The first set of our new team member Olaf.
All four sets sculpted by Frank Ziegler.

Dienstag, 23. April 2019

Let us stay with Chasseurs - but this time a Cheval

Here the masters of our latest set for the French Revolution.

French Chasseur a Cheval with Tarleton-style helme which was worn in the early years. Let them charge down some Austrians:-) I like the dymanic, Massimo put in the figures.

 They are already available in our new shop, I am late with the photos...

Montag, 15. April 2019

French Chasseur a pied

And here the next set from Frank in addition to his already big range for this unit.

very useful poses for a diorama in my eyes.  And here his official text for it:

Here a group wounded light infantry soldiers for the Marengo - Range. They are sculpted for many posibilities of interaction with the whole range of these figures. 
I wanted to attach here a quote Napoleon said about his soldiers:
No one likes to sell his soul. But many give away their lives for a colorful ribbon.  Here shortened, the second part of this sentence   "Beaucoup donnent leur vie pour un ruban de couleur..."
Of course the colorful ribbon refers to medals and decorations (especially the recording in the Légion d'honneur). Despite the temporal distance to the year of Marengo in 1800 - in the meamwhile the general Bonaparte becomes emperor Napoleon I., the sentence says a lot about the cool calculating mindset in regard to the soldiers, which risks their lives for his glory. 
We see here the fotos of the sixpack of wounded soldiers interacting with each other and there, the other foto, interacting together with the sixpack of the soldiers in coiseez la baionette.

Samstag, 13. April 2019

Some of Krisztians photos of my oldest sets

While filling the new shop with new photos, I recognized that I miss some of the photos of the figures, Krisztian sent me some years ago. He sent them again and I used a part of them for the shop.

These are my very first and oldest sets, all painted by Krisztian.

Everything started with the Sepoys nearly 8 years ago.

The 1870 French infantry I bought from HAT these days.

The Anamites are the first Set, Ingo sculpted for me.  Later came Mysore, 1683 Vienna etc.

The ACW in greatcoat are sculpted by Andy Peters for our Fredericksburg-Project. 
These ACW figures are still available in Andy's shop at

The Poles are from my friend Bartosz. Usually they were sculpted for a production in plastic, but as nothing came out of it, I took them for casting in metal. The bayonetts are so slimm, they are a challenge for casting in metail.

So, for me this is something nostalgic. But I hope you like them too:-)

After I put these sets for sell, Andy and I came together and in 2013 our idea of Hagen was born.