Sonntag, 31. März 2013

1683 Vienna

To bring my statistics of postings in a month to the average level, I just checked the other blogs which I like.

Tom has a nice little diorama for Polish cavalry on his blog. Worth a look!

New Schutztruppe

And that you don't forget that I am producing figures too here are the latest masters from Massimo for my German Schutztruppe project. As always he did a great job!

Today my friend Andy told me that the first castings went very well and that we can offer the Schutztruppe soon through our shop at . 

I hope you like them. Let them fight against Hereros, Namas and British as well as Boers in 1914. 

See here the painting after which they were made

And the addition to the figures I already posted on the blog:

And more for the medieval friends - Hussite diorama part 2

This time the details on the wall and the attack on the town. Most of the photos are made by Alfred Umhey. Many thanks Alfred for sharing them with us!! Of course the worse ones are my own:-))

I hope this is not too much for you, but I have around 50 more..... We were both impressed by the subject.

Freitag, 29. März 2013

More from the 1849 Hungarian diorama

Krisztian sent me some more photos from his diorama, this time with better light and more details.
I hope you enjoy it .