Montag, 19. September 2022

The Hanoverian Field-Batallion Lüneburg at Waterloo

 some nice photos from Thomas Mischaks Waterloo diorama. Lüneburg was destroyed by French cavalry while on the way to reinforce the units in La Haye Sainte.

If you read Sharp, you know the backround:-)

Sonntag, 11. September 2022

Some new figures at Blackwatch miniatures

 After some month at which we had to organize the shop, starting an Ebay-account, paying our Spanish caster etc. etc. we are finally able to offer some new sets.

WSS Bavarian mounted Grenadiers for my Schellenberg project

Portuguese Cazzadores 1810-1814 - for my Vittoria project. After I was able to buy the complete collection of a late hobbyfriend there are now thousands of British and French units in my collection. Now I have to paint Portuguese and Josephinos. at least something different:-) 

And finally a great set for our Franco-Prussian war range.  First now the artillerytrain, the crews with the guns are already on the way from our caster.

  Of course all available in our shop .-)

Freitag, 2. September 2022

Again some old nostalgic conversions

While also painting new figures first, I always like the old nostalgic stuff from the time when we had to convert our figures from the existing sets. 

Again I visited Alfred and searched through his big collection. The rifle officer is from mine.

At last one page I have scanned from an old Fuhrmann Figuren magazine. Great conversions.