Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

Back from the holidays an some thoughts about India

Three weeks off from work can run really fast.... Two days ago I was on the beach of Bibione in northern Italy and tomorrow morning I have to go again to work - terrible thougth....

To have some more positive thinks to "talk" about I thought it is time for a new posting on the blog.

So some posts ago I have showed my new Mysorean artilleryfigures. The thought now was what kind of guns can I use for them. I found some great photos on the web.

While the carriage itself is a typical one, the barrel itself is the special thing.

Or this one from Wikipedia

But the best one is this mortar which is now standing in the British artillerymuseum in London!
I already asked Andy to make me one of them:-))

What is also interesting is how all these guns were drawn or used in battle in an Indian army

Ok, 50 years earlier, but I am sure the system worked up to the mutiny....

If you want to learn more about Indian artillery or musketry, there is a great blog here

And just as we talked about India, here a photo of the latest figures in my range for India:-))
This time the 19th dragoons, a simple head-conversions from the Madras light cavalry. Very useful for Assaye.

Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

The armoured Indian cavalry

Usually I don't write when a product is ready for sale in the shop, but this time I thought it is worth the effort as when I have shown the photos of the masters I had more then 600 klicks on this posting and somebody wrote about them on Benno's forum too.

So I thought it might be interesting for you that they are now available and you can help me cover the costs that I can put the money in more masters. One of the next for this series will be an Indian prince on an elephant.

They are here. Other news are Madras light cavalry and Mysorean artillery.

Arquebusiers de Grassin

This morning I checked the blogs I follow for the news and have seen that Alfons Canovas put one of
my favourite units on this blog.

As the battle of Fontenoy is one of the things I have in mind for a future project because it is one of the most colourful as the only battle in which the French Guard cavalry fought as a complete unit, not just the Gendarmes and you have beside the British a Dutch army too.

So some years ago I asked Leo from Phersu miniatures to make me some poses for this unit. These are the oldest figures with which everything started and which I have on the shop too.

The unit slowed the advance of the British in the woods in front of the main french line and lost nearly 50% of their 1000 men strenght.

What do you think, worth to make more poses?

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

The battle of Arcis sur Aube 1814

After nearly three years of having this blog I am close to running out on dioramas I made with my friends in the last 10 years. So not to bore you with Rocroi after Rocroi I asked Alfred who is much longer active in this hobby then me to give me some photos of his projects in the last 30 years. These are scans he made from the photos he has in his binder "the history of my hobby".

Here is the first, done by him and his brother Roland in 1984 - The battle of Arcis sur Aube in 1814.
This is made with old 25mm figures and has his own flair. Especially as I have never seen a diorama about the 1814 campaign in which Napoleon gave the allies a lot of beatings, nearly his best performance since 1805!

Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

I should take on Sander's offer or send a set to Krisztian....

Today I thought I can enjoy the time with my children playing outside in the sunshine and take a closer look at the figures I sorted out for painting.

In the end I had around 25 new metals painted for Rocroi, mostly Tumbling Dice and SHQ Pikemen in close combat.

But I thought I want to paint some of my own production new Madras cavalry and Mysore artillerymen too.
Well, I was proud of my work. But then I made photos with a Macro objective- terrible.....

Mysorean artillery - something I need for Cuddalore 1783 and for the later wars too.

Madras light cavalry. Difficult to find images on them of the early period. I have just two paintings about their early uniform in my collection and on the web I found just this link with a blurred painting. If anybody of you can help with more information on the Sowars of the early wars I would be very greatful.

Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

And because it is fun posting today - Krisztian painted my 1870 Bavarians for the shop

Many thanks to Krisztian who always helps to paint samples of my Fritz figures for the shop. Will help selling more as if I would do it myself:-)))

the figures are available here.

Here a group photo of the unit. The next idea is to have enemies for them. As there are already French line infantry on the market I thought about French chasseurs to receive this onslaught.

And the latest work from Massimo

This morning I had a new mail from Massimo.

The British army, especially the Highlanders is one of his favourite subjects. So I can imagine the fun he had
with working on this little gem.

Nice 30YW figures in 75 mm

For those of you who are not so focused on one scale as I am, I found a nice shop for 75mm

This morning I glued hundreds of figures on stands for the Rocroi project. Now I recognised all the gaps within the units and it seems in my holidays now I have to be busy to fill them up. So far I have around 1500 figures on bases from my collection alone. Together with Schmitty and Alfred I hope to hit the 4000 mark this year. Wait to see photos soon.

Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

And more from the siege of Augsburg 955 AD

This time some close ups of the attacking Hungarians. Thanks again to Alfred for the photos.