Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014

Italian colonial Akaris

In Benno's Forum Roberto Casti gabe a link to his Flickr-Archive where he posted great photos of converted figures.

He labelled them Italian colonials WW2, but I think the idea of the conversion is also very useful for 1911 Lybia, the Sanussi-wars and the 1935 war against Ethiopea.

You can see the full series of photos here.

I think I should try it too as you know I like the lesser known colonial wars:-)))

Dienstag, 25. Februar 2014

The next step into the Samurai-Range

With all these figures around and the armour often the same Thomas thought about Head-Variatons. So we wanted to try this too.

Here are the first helmets. These fit with Zvezda figures and of course our metals too. I think this gives a lot of possibilities .

Beside this the figure of a Daiymo as command figure with variations too.

And here with the pins how we cast them.

Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

Some nice ladies from Massimo

Our hobbyfriend Richard who already sells some figures in our Hagen-Shop asked Massimo
to sculpt him some new stuff.

Looks like a great party:-)

Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Reims 1814 - the "movie" with 1/72 figures

Hi guys,

this morning my friend Thomas Mischak sent me a link from Youtube. A video about a diorama.

I must say I liked it:-) And when searching deeper on youtube I found much more of them. So in case you have a rainy day as I have here you might like to surf Youtube too.

And again the Chinese

Much more information on the Chinese armies I put on Bennos forum. Here the link.

Massimo also put the latest photos from his figures there too.  I can't wait to paint these figures, again something sooo obscure :-))

Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

More information on the chinese army

The army for which the figures are made are for the Quing Dynasty .

Read more about it at Wikipedia.
The army is called the "Eight-Banners-Army" and they had a regular uniform like this :

Caesar already made figures for this army too. The details of the set you can see at
the great Plastic soldier review side.

In my eyes the best range about this army is King & Country in 54mm which is available here.
And here some photos which I took from Ebay

Don't you agree these guys are colourful? :-))

Chinese Infantry 19th century

Some weeks ago I have seen a master for a 54mm figure of a Chinese musketeer in the Opium-war.

This figure impressed me so much that I thought it would be a great thing to have a little colourful army myself. You know I am always after such obscure stuff:-))

So I made a little research and found out that this kind of uniform is useful for several campaigns of the Chinese army like the Opium war and the Taiping war (including the campaign against the French and British). What I liked most was the information about the Sino-Sikh war of 1841/42.

With the Sikhs already my colonial favourites I thought this is a must!! :-))

See here what Massimo made for me

As for uniforms take a look at this 1805 painting.

Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

Peter Gilders Sudan war dioramas

The last posts mainly focused on the new figures we got, so I thought it is time for some small dioramas

Here not 1/72 as usual but some old photos from 25mm figures. Peter Gilders work on them is really impressing in my mind and I safed these photos for inspiration when increasing my own Sudan range.

I think the town especially could be very useful from the Sudan to India.

In case you are interested to get some good information together with great paintings of uniforms on the earlier part of the war 1881-85 I can highly recommend this book here, especially if you are interested in the Egypt army of this period.

It is available here and from a lot of other bookshops.

Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

And now other Mexicans for Pancho Villa

Some of you may have read about the copyright-problem we had when Massimo sculpted some Mexicans for a friend who gave him a photo of Steve Westons 54mm figures which he was able to sculpt in 1/72 that they nearly looked like the originals.

We took these figures back, but now we have our own ones which will soon come in the Hagen-shop.

 I hope you like these poses.

Another blog where I have found photos about this subject is Babers blog who made very nice conversions and used the Raventhorpe range too. More figures for this period are available from Spencer Smith who sells the Jacklex-Range which appeared some years ago.

All in all an interesting period I think.