Sonntag, 28. September 2014

Cuddalore Part 2 - Hanoverians ./. La Marck and Austrasie

After the British turned the allied flank their artillery shoot down from the hill on the French right along their trenches.

Then the 14th and 15th Hanoverians, supported by the 101st foot made a frontal charge on the French center redoubt. They reached the redoubt, but were pushed out again by the French.

Here the photos of the redoubt

The French regiments Austrasie and La Marck made a counter-charge and pushed the Hanoverians back nearly up to their original positions.

Behind their retreating comrades a British line of support is formed

 Here some staff figures. As a guard some of the Nabobs cavalry.

 Here the birds-view of this part of the battlefield

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  1. Very impressive stuff Uwe - I had no idea the Hanoverians were there.

  2. Wonderful battle terrain with a great atmosphere - looks like a really enjoyable war gamer´s afternoon!