Montag, 27. Juni 2022

Bavarian mounted Grenadiers WSS

 Now as I have finished the Roman project, I am looking for new ideas. the next project is Korbitz, about which I have already posted some photos.

Another smaller project I have in mind in the battle of the Schellenberg 1704 as a prelude to the battle of Blenheim. 

I hope for Strelets and their Bavarian infantry. In their meantime, I have painted Les Higgins metals and thought about simply converting some other figures into Bavarians.

A special unit, I wasn't able to convert are the mounted Grenadiers. Here I have asked Darek to sculpt me some. 

This is the result

I got more than these guys, but have no photos of the masters so far. In the meantime, they came back from my caster Enrique and I wanted to paint a skirmish line of dismounted Grenadiers together with horseholders and some mounted in Reserve.

So far, I am not sure, if I should put them in our shop. Next time I will show the painted ones. 

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