Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

Zusmarshausen 1648

Last year I was on a business tour in the area of Augsburg when I nearly passed the exit for the village of Zusmarshausen. This reminded me that they have a new flat figure diorama in the Bavarian army museum in Ingolstadt. I left the motorway and searched around a little bit. What I found was a great description of this running battle from Zusmarshausen to Augsburg. A long way to walk (ok, I had my car with me) but a lot of signs where they described the different actions of this running battle.

The French and Swedes tried to cut of the Bavarians and Imperials, but the latter retreated to fast. In the end the Imperials took a position behind a stream near Augsburg and hold this line against the enemy. This was the last battle in the SYW on Bavarian soil. In the diorama at Ingolstadt they show this stand at the end of the battle.

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