Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Hungarians invade Germany

Before I leave on a short trip to Lake Constance with the family (where I found a military museum in Bregenz on the web:-))) here some photos which I got from Krisztian Takacs. Living around an hour away from the Lechfeld where they buildt a museum of German-Hungarian relationship (before it had only to be one about the battle but you know our politicans - we always loved each other in our past) this is an interesting subject for me too.

The historical sources show it a little bit different:-)

And here a teaser from our newspaper

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  1. Hi,

    Our diorama shows not the battle of Lechfeld in 955. It shows the campaign in the West Frank empire (French) in 937. You can read about the diorama here:;lang=en;

    But now, under consturction a diorama about the battle in Lechfeld. Another group of hungarian guys make it from flat, metal figures. The diorama will be displayed in a Museum, next to Augsburg in 2013. You can see nice photos about it here:

    Takács Krisztián

  2. Hi TK,

    I just wanted to check if you really visit my blog:-)

    As for the campaign in Francia I have really no historical proof. Could you give us again the sources you took for this campaign?


  3. Hi,

    About the Hungarians campaign in the west you can read in the middle age kodex of Hungarian, Saxon, Frank and Arabs (in Spain). About the 937 campaign you can read in the foundation and dotation document of the French Luxoviensis Monastery. Here is the original latin text:
    And here is a french book about the Hungarian campaigns :
    Bernard Le Calloc’h: Le X-čme sičcle et les Hongrois. Bibliotheque finno-ougrienne. No. 12. Paris, 2002.